Zeon & Aggro’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 1 It’s a Jojo’s Reference

We’re watching it dubbed. If you have a problem with that, allow me to direct you to my dick, so you can suck it.


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Written by Rene

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  1. Part 1 doesn't even compare to the other Parts. The first 3 episodes are probably the best Part 1 has to offer though

  2. Zeon, you're right about Araki and his fascination with fashion. He's designed special lines for Gucci and has a one shot manga where one of the characters from the 4th Part goes to the Gucci HQ in Italy.

  3. I’m glad your watching it dubbed. I think it’s amazing, but I think the sub is good too. But to me cause of the setting and tone, the voices sound more natural imo

  4. Well, it's not condensed to Brotherhood's level, but the first three episodes are literally the first two volumes, and mind you, episode one alone covered almost the entirety of the first volume. Also, how has DIO Vs Dracula not happened!? Both are vampires and have been voiced by the same va at some point (Both are voiced by Patrick Seitz in english and in a CD Drama DIO was voiced by Norio Wakamoto, much like Dracula in most games)

  5. Even though I played I still gotta say thank you for this. Its incredibly entertaining watching you experience this like I did.
    This part is the lowest part and it gets better and more absurd as it goes. Can't wait for more. <3

  6. Part 1 is the worst part imho, part 2 is fucking GREAT and so is part 4. I rank em from best to worst: part 2, part 4, part 3, part 1

  7. I want you guys to do a review of human centipede 3 on Netflix. The main villain is so over the top with his acting

  8. Hi I watched one of your videos (My Problems with Dragon Ball Super's Animation) and I agree on almost all of the points you make. I would like to ask if you what you think are the parts that make an anime? For instance, Dialogue, Cinematography, Animation, Plot…? Also what would be your rating scale? I have noticed that there are a lot of people who give explanations to their ratings when it comes to anime episodes, but there really isn't a scale to justify the rating they give. Would you be interested in collaborating to make such a scale? Lastly, what are your thoughts on Boruto? More specifically can you spot any differences in animation (and the episode in general) between episode 52 and the earlier episodes? Would really appreciate the feedback. Thank you for your time.

  9. Is there a certain way to watch this? Like with DBZ theres still Dragon Ball before that and then Super after. Or is this just just a Standalone Anime?

  10. also pls don't compare fist of the north star and jo jo with neo Yokio cause Neo Yokio is just plain trash with no redeeming qualities.

  11. It's so nice seeing you watch good anime. Funny enough a freind of mine got me into JoJo and I have been really liking it!

  12. Glad you're watching JoJo, it's one of my favorite series and more people watching it is always good. I may not be a fan of the dub, but I hope you have a great time with it. Hope you like it and are able to stay away from the more awful and memey side of the fan base.

  13. I honestly don't think Dio's dad being an abusive drunk is even whats implied to have made Dio evil. Instead it just made Dio hate his dad's guts. To quote Speedwagon: Dio isnt a victim of circumstance, he was evil the day he was born.

  14. I opened up my Steins;Gate 0 review the same way. Savoring the feeling of no more future crappy DBS is just too good.. and also great message to your fans that DBS overstayed its welcome.

  15. I watch this solely for Dr. Aggro's mindblowers, and Zeon's reactions. They are why I don't drink beverages while watching these reviews.

  16. The dub is good but the sub is the way to go I think it’s more of a pure Jojo experience but hey to each their own. If you guys think this is good it gets MUCH better down the line, specially Parts 4 and 7!

  17. Part 1 is (at least in the Jojonium editions) three volumes long and the pace is pretty much the same as the anime so it's not so much condensed as adapting the already brisk pace of the manga.

  18. Hey Zeon just wanted to let you know they are getting Dio's voice actor to voice Jiren for the English Dub

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