Young Thug is one of the most popular Rappers today but comes under a lot of heat with todays Older school Rappers. With this last stunt he pulled Its hard to side with Young Thug on this one. Watch what he does here!

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Written by Rene

Misanthrope, Olympian, Community Celebratoire , Angel Investor, Pantless Jogger. I have a car for each day of the month.


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  1. Finally the hip hop civil war has begun. Remember, liberation can not occur in the dwelling, until the mind state of the existing has evolved

  2. Back in the day, niggaz talked about selling drugs & becoming rich, these days niggaz are talking about "doing drugs" , being junkies & being gayish in their fashion…… I'm so glad everything is getting exposed. #ChangeGoneCome.

  3. It’s a race to the bottom. What is he trying to prove by doing this? Makes me miss Sean Price even more!

  4. Nothing but the byproduct of the ratchet black "mammy." None of these niggaz have fathers. There's a fatherless coon epidemic plaguing America.

  5. I don't listen to these new-fangled people that call themselves "artists, etc" This dude here is a big ZERO & a huge blemish on the face of humanity!! Isn't he the guy that was in a dress performing a sex act on a gun!!!??? WTF?!?!!?

  6. Watch the Your Black World channels video regarding the book Fast Food Genocide. IMO, this could explain a lot of the issues facing us today.

  7. Fuck this new generation…bunch of fucking queers and homosexuals. They have been hijacked by European culture,fashion and white folks drug use..niggas are too stupid to realize they are drinking liquid heroin. Then you look at GQ magazine and you see Young Thug and Asap Rocky in there with full pages spreads rocking designer European fashion, wearing dresses and long gowns. Their wack ass music is a minor issue…BUT THIS DRUG USE AND ATTACK ON BLACK MASCULINITY IS A DAMN TRAVESTY….STAND UP BLACK MEN…LETS RESIST THIS FORCED HOMO ACCEPTANCE AND DRUG ADDICT MOVEMENT.

  8. I had some relaxed fit jeans on the other day and this young fuck boy asked me why I dress like its the 90's?..I asked him why are you dressed like a fucking fairy with tight pants on with some Ugg boot looking shits with the pants tucked down into the boots. Lil nigga literally looked like Peter Pan…fuck outta here. That nigga walked away and I told him his pants are so tight I can see his gap from the back just like a bitch…he got pissed. But he knew not to get out of line. Young Thug, Uzi Vert, Yachty etc..these niggas are not hip-hop…..we need to quickly find a new sub-genre to label these fools in.

  9. Guess what whatever big blood homies is affiliated with him but it's home to take that down or they going to beat his ass or he cannot win no red rack anymore and that's a fact that's not being a Damu that's being a stupid ignorant motherfuker

  10. He’s a puppet set up to help destroy the black community. Its apart of our destruction. A lot of us will not make it!

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