XXXTentacion’s Death Turns Into A Viral Challenge | Hollywoodlife

XXXTentacion’s murder suspect is arrested. Plus – fans are mocking XXXTentacion’s death in a sickening new viral trend.

This could be a massive loss for the rap world as XXXtentacion has reportedly been shot in the Miami suburb of Deerfield Beach and could be near death. According to TMZ, the 20-year-old was motorcycle shopping and when he was leaving a dealership a gunman ran up to him and shot him in the front seat of his sports car. Witnesses claimed he had no pulse after the shooting and appeared “lifeless.” The site had video of people gathered around his black sports car while he appeared to not be moving. Sirens could be heard in the distance as police and EMTs were rushing to the scene. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office tells that their Regional Communications received a call of a shooting at 3:57 p.m local time.

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XXXTentacion’s Death Turns Into Viral Challenge | Hollywoodlife

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  1. What the fuck is wrong with you people… dare you mock a man that changed lives and risked it all just so faggots like you could be happy…

  2. What a sick challenge…I'm descusted by ppl who would do this challenge
    And how is it a challenge…a challenge should be hard and should challenge you and build your skills…i don't see this as a challenge…this is just not right

  3. I hope any of you out there that do the xxx challenge actually get shot and rot in hell what is wrong with people.

  4. People think it's a game like why would they even recorded him dead and for people to be doing that challenge is disrespectful like the people who did that are not true supporter's of x

  5. Why?! There is no reason to mock his death! That’s (to me) like disrespectful!

  6. I do not support him nor do I support anything he has done in the past, but making a challenge out of somebody’s death is just sick

  7. Everyone out there don’t disrespect X he was nothing but a beacon of hope for those that listened to his music and were impacted by it. Stop this stupid X challenge he deserves better if you want his name to live on try accomplishing his goal of bringing positivity to the world. RIP X you will be missed.

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