Worker Who Saves Kittens With Bizarre Paws Quickly Realizes How Special They Are


Worker Who Saves Kittens With Bizarre Paws Quickly Realizes How Special They Are

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Written by Rene

Misanthrope, Olympian, Community Celebratoire , Angel Investor, Pantless Jogger. I have a car for each day of the month.


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  1. I keep a silt pool net in my SUV for situations like this-to rescue ducklings, kittens, possums…along with a telescoping pole… it's come in handy many times. I am thankful that I learned about this by working for a commercial pool company. I was the emergency on-call person, and many of the emergencies involved animals. During that job, I learned (and continue to learn), as much as I can about the different animals that need rescuing, and took the time to obtain phone numbers for rescue groups that specialize in the types of animals that I rescue, and their location.
    Keeping a list of local wildlife rescue phone numbers should be on everyone's contact list. We all should have an ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact list…
    A wonderful family activity with your children would be to sit down and think about the types of emergencies that occur in life, or even non-emergencies that crop up, and to make a list, and discover your nearest locations for each potential eventuality, and keep this list in your phone, and by each landline telephone!
    IMHO, those of you who have a calling to rescue animals in need, I highly recommend getting a couple of pool nets to gather small animals in, so you can more easily place them in a carrier or box… some commercial pool companies might be willing to give you a used net for free, if you explain why you need it. They usually have used nets that are no longer suitable for pool use, due to worn frame or a tear or hole in the netting, that could be repaired easily for use of catching wayward, or out of reach animals! I also keep dry dog food in gallon Ziploc baggies for animal rescues, or to give to any homeless folk I see that happen to have a pet…
    also a flat of bottled water…
    May everyone have a wondrously blessed new year!

  2. I use to always have kittens with paws like these. The last one I had was also stolen from me. She was black and had 6 toes on each foot. I do not know why people kept stealing my beloved kitties from me.I haven't had one since then.

  3. 6 paws on any animal or human is INCEST… that is what the satanic ILLUMINATI call keeping their BLOOD PURE. Brother Sisters mating to keep self professed ROYALTY. 
    INCEST is 666.

  4. I have an Animal Rescue, & Polydactyl Cats & Kittens are in demand here in Southern California. They have really good personalities, & so everyone wants one. They originally came from Key West Florida:)

  5. my neace had a cat with 6 claw paws what a bitch that cat was i stayed away hated that cat it would attack you if you got to close dam cat almost got me put my bother in law in the hosptial for four days bit my nephew really bad just attacked him he just tryed to pet the cat i love cats but i wanted to shoot that one and sorry to say sorry but when the cat died is was happy now she has a dog as big as a moose now that a kid could ride niceist dog in world hes just so strong over 150 pounds

  6. The extra toes were introduced by research at UC Davis, Davis, CA decades ago. I got one then and he lived 22 years. The extra toes are like thumbs and work well for climbing or walloping something.

  7. Polydactilism is not rare. . ., these cats are called everything from "mitten's" cats, to Hemingways. . .they are incredible animals and anyone who has ever had one will tell you how special they are.

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