Who is the Strongest Villain? | The Villain Power Tier List

Who is the strongest villain in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure? It’s TIME to see who is strongest enemy in THE WORLD.
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  1. Johnny (crippling depression) Joestar vs Gon or any anime character you can think of none of that db super bitch please.

  2. But what if Kars as any else pillar man( or just Ultimate Kars) are unique only for their dimension? Then D4C would be useless about him? Think about it.

  3. I’m not gonna say DIO’s time stop could beat Made In Heaven. I’m just gonna say Jotaro’s death was mostly because he decided to try and save Jolyne during timestop and DIO’s timestop could be long enough to shank Pucci with his own knives

  4. Valentine would have to bring another Kars to be able to defeat him, and i think that bringing another Kars to fight with you would be a bad choice, however the suprise factor could help Valentine use the Kars against the other Kars. BTW i liked the tier.

  5. He didn't even take their abilities in to consideration till DIO and diavolo! Kira uses air bombs on DIO, no one's around, boom Dio has no legs and Kira blows him up! Or literally against anyone!

  6. Can we get a JoBro tier list? That would include:
    Will Zeppelli
    Caesar Zeppelli

  7. people don't understand kira should be the strongest because if he use bite the dust he could go 1 hour back and stop c-moon from turning into made in heaven ,make ultimate kars go back to just kars now for dio brando all he has to do is get killer queen to touch him first, diavolo and DIO idk Kira would have to plan it out but he couldnt stop Valentine

  8. I think you're overestimating sheer heart attack. Yes the stand itself is extremely durable, but compared to the others very easy to counter. Jotaro only lost because he had to protect Koichi. Most of the people are fast enough to avoid it until finding a way to disable or trap it without destroying it

  9. Ultimate Kars defeats everyone, what do you mean? He is the PERFECT being. If he could manifest hamon that is even stronger than Joseph's without any training, then I'm pretty sure he could manifest any stand and it'd be 10x stronger. The only way to "defeat" Ultimate Kars is to completley immobilize him, such as sending him into space. However, even sending him to space won't technically defeated him, since he'd eventually hit something like a star, and find some way to get back to get back to Earth. He is also A LOT smarter than Enrico Pucci- in fact than anyone in the entire series just to throw that out there.

  10. Couldnt cars Just learn the infinite rotation like how he learned super Hamon when fighting Joseph? Then Kars could break through Love Train and kill Valentine in the process?

  11. Do a video on strongest Jo-Bro (all side-characters of main JoJos) That would be awesome! Thanks for reading this!

  12. I actually don't think Made in Heaven could kill Ult Kars. Kars is immortal and effectively immune to environmental hazards due to shear durability. All he would have to do to protect himself would be turning into rock like he did in the end of Part 2. In this case however, since time is moving so quickly Kars wouldn't be stuck in rock form long enough to lose his mind.

    Basically I think it'd end in a stalemate where Kars survives into the next world every time the two of them fight.

    Unless of course Kars evolves a stand, in which case given that stand power is proportionate to the user's strength he'd likely get something that simply lets him just blitz the other villains

  13. But Kars is… invincible? He has no actual weakness since he could potentially regenerate from any wounds except over like 90% cell destruction. He would win any battle of attrition unless they had a literal obliteration ray.

  14. I firmly believe that Kira could not beat Kars. I mean, sure, he has a stand, but what can Killer Queen do to harm Kars? The most obvious would be exploding him, but that's basically a rough tickle for a pillar man. Ordinary explosions are laughing matter to them: Santana easily stays intact after a hand grenade explodes right next to him, and AC/DC just straight up swallows a dynamite and lets it explode in his stomach as a way of mocking Joseph. But let's say that Killer Queen would have enough power to blow a pillar man into pieces. The thing is, we see Santana get blown into pieces by not an ordinary explosion, but hamon, and he still pulls himself together. After that, maybe a Kira would try a couple of punches, kicks and rush attacks, but Stroheim fired at Kars with a machine gun said to tear apart inches thick steel with ease, wich, again, had no real effect on him, outside of throwing him off for a couple of seconds. Even if Kars can't see Killer Queen, he will figure out its attack patterns over the course of a longer fight, and pull some trick to surpass its defenses and hit Kira. From then on, it will be easy for him to win. It's simple, Kars is stronger, smarter, and far more durable than Kira. Kira becomes weaker, slower, and more distracted with every injury and more tired and unfocused with every minute the battle lasts, while Kars is as good as ever after hours of taking explosions right into his face. Kars has the means to kill Kira, but Kira does not have the means to kill Kars. Kars easily wins.

  15. I had a though: so Ultimate Kars is literally the ultimate being. Would that mean he could see stands? If stand users are just variations of humans, then Kars technically should own a stand and see them, am i right? Because stand users are just people who just so happened to be able (via the arrow or just being born or any other way) to project their will to fight and soul, but if you're able to just be born and auto see stands and have one, then that'd mean Kars also has to have this ability? idk.

  16. Dio is the strongest because of
    1. Wryyyyyy o999999999 damage
    2. ROAFAROLADA 700000000000000000000 damage
    3.JoJo reference 202020202020020202020020202030020e0203020303084037282929102748 damage

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