Who is going to be Arya’s Wife? ; The Real story behind Arya’s Viral video | TK 625

Ever since Arya posted a video regarding his marriage announcement, Twitter is abuzz. But is it a promotional stunt or is he really planning to get married? Maybe both

We are informed that it is a promotion for a reality TV show, and Arya is expected to marry the winner of the show. This show is supposedly inspired by a Hindi reality show Swayamvar where the contestants perform tasks and woe the groom in return for their hand in marriage.

Rakhi Sawant was the first star to feature in Swayamvar. She got engaged to Season 1 winner Elesh Parujanwala, but the couple later split up after a couple of months. This was the only season where the winner did not marry the prospective bride.

So though, it might be a reality show, Arya is most likely to get hitched very soon

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  1. Tamil nadu la etho perusa seiya poranga. Ipadi oru show kondu vandha nama elam adhu pathi pesuvom. pinnadi lorry lorry ah kadathal nadakum, kolai kollai elam nadakum. idhu tha TN la nadaka poguthu. namalum vekame illama paree ivan ivana tha love pannura marry pannuva nu sollitu night 9-11 pathukitu irupom.

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