What Our 10 Favorite Main Characters Should Really Look Like

Hollywood is a big fan of adapting things that are already successful. Why reinvent the wheel? Mostly because casting for adaptions is hard. Here are ten characters that ended up changing, and what they should really look like.
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Be Amazed at What Our 10 Favorite Main Characters Should Really Look Like! Dracula – When you hear ‘Dracula’ you probably picture a spooky pale guy with jet black hair and a widows peak. So where is my white-mustached, curly haired Dracula? Hollywood has failed us. Jack Reacher – Tom Cruise doesn’t quite fit any of those things. However, the author maintains that the character’s large size is really just supposed to be a symbol of their unrelenting determination, so Tom Cruise not being a giant isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world. Lord of the Rings – The Lord of the Rings movies are widely regarded by fans as being fairly faithful adaptions of the books. Missing from the movies is the silver scarf, and his beard is obviously way too short. Why Peter Jackson didn’t include the full length of Gandalf’s cool beard is a mystery. And just like Gandalf’s beard got shorter, Aragorn’s entire body got shorter – in the books he’s 6’6, a whole half a foot taller than actor Viggo Mortensen. James Bond – 007 is described as looking like a mix between the author, Ian Fleming, and American singer Hoagy Carmichael. Harry Potter – The filmmakers actually did try to correct this with green contacts, but Daniel had an allergic reaction to them and was unable to wear them for filming. Batman – The freakishly muscular part is probably the aspect of Bane that’s least translatable to a live action film. Even young Schwarzenegger wouldn’t be as big as comic book Bane. Bruce Wayne, however, has managed to stay pretty close to the comics from movie to movie.

Game Of Thrones – Daenerys Stormborn, the aptly named Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones, has become one of the most recognizable characters from the series. Tyrion Lannister is another character who definitely got aHBO makeover. In the books he’s described as “the youngest of Lord Tywin’s brook and by far the ugliest” and as having “a brute’s squashed-in face beneath a swollen shelf of brow.” – Pulp Fiction – Pumpkin, played by Tim Roth, was going to be Johnny Depp or Nicholas Cage. Tarantino thought that Vincent, played by John Travolta, would have been better of played by Dennis Quaid. Jules, played by Samuel Jackson, was actually going to be Eddie Murphy. The Hunger Games – The Hunger Games movies tended to stick pretty close to the books when it comes to characters, but hard working internet fan detectives have certainly found some notable departures from the source material. Peeta, played by Josh Hutcherson, actually loses a whole leg at one point during the series. He keeps both of his legs in the movies. The big villain of the books, President Snow, is described as having snake-like eyes and a sort of Joker smile in the books, but that didn’t make it into the movie. Pennywise – Pennywise’s regular clown form is also different than it is in the books. In the original novel, pennywise is described as waering “a baggy suit with big orange-pompom buttons” and resembling “a cross between Bozo and Clarabell”. Finally, in the novel he’s described as ‘mostly bald’ except for and ‘orange-ish-red tuft of hair on either side of his head’.

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  1. Actually, Pennywise in the new movie is almost a perfect representation, with the exception of the hair. In fact, the book goes so far as to say his suit IS silvery and pale with orange pom-poms.

    Close, but no cigar.

  2. Okay, there is a good reason why the newer Pennywise is way different than the original. The newer IT was made to appeal to Millenials, and as such, that's why Pennywise's perfered form is so different, along with the need to be more historically accurate, as Pennywise was first spotted in the 18th Century, a time where his style of clothing was more fitting.

  3. Can I ask you a question about the real Michael Jackson is it the White one and sorry I have to say this the Blackkk one or are they just the same

  4. My favorite movie is 'IT'2017 and I think Pennywise looks perfectly fine how he is honestly they did a great job with makeup…….

  5. Actually pennywise's baggy suit is described in the novel as a silver color like 2017's version, not as colorful as the 1990's Tim Curry suit.

  6. Pennywise has a baggy silver suit with a big clown smile and has orangish redish hair on each side of his head… His suit has orange pom poms on it.

  7. I read the book and I'm only 11… It was pretty good and I know what pennywise should look like. This… Did not look like the one described in the book

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