WEIRDEST Theories about Space

How big is space? Just when scientists think they have an answer, new evidence crops up to suggest otherwise. In 2016 the BBC published an article online with the latest findings suggesting that the galaxy is 2.54 million light years away. Considering that bit of information, there are bound to be some bizarre theories about space circulating.

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11 – Coming soon
This could well be the universe’s nemesis, and it’s aptly named The Death Star, mind you, this one has nothing to do with Star Wars. This theory was introduced by Daniel Whitmore and Albert Jackson, who have said that this dwarf star is orbiting the sun and whenever it goes close to the Oort cloud, will send comets plummeting down to earth, basically destroying everything in its path. Fortunately, this is only supposed to happen very 26-million years, so I think we’re safe for a while.

10 – Cold as ice
Possibly a more believable theory is that the universe will eventually end by becoming a solid block of ice, called the Big Freeze or Big Chill. Many support this theory. The universe will no longer expand, entropy will set in, the stars and planets will cease to exist and life will no longer be supported. Again, it’s only speculated to happen in trillions of years! You’re safe, for now!

9 -Man on the moon
Yes, I know that’s old news – but this theory says we’ve managed to achieve so much more that that! UFO theorists believe that we’ve managed to send astronauts to Serpo, a planet that is 37 light years away. This was said to be a thank you from grateful aliens who were saved when their spaceship crashed in Roswell in 1947.

8 – Water, Water Everywhere!
Here’s another theory involving water, and it dates back to the 8th century BCE, where the archaic Greeks believed earth was surrounded by a river called, “Ocean”. These waters formed a shield around the Earth, protecting it from the limitless expanse beyond those waters. The ancient Greeks were said to fear whatever was located way out there in space, and felt better off knowing they were protected by this body of water.

7 – Can only be aliens
Surely there is no other explanation for the lights that were photographed by Dawn, a NASA probe that has been orbiting Ceres. Those that love a good conspiracy theory believe that those bright lights are a signal being sent out from an alien base. A more plausible theory is that it’s just metallic salts, minding their own business, reflecting the sunlight. Yea, sounds a bit boring – let’s stick to the friendly greeting by the aliens.

6 – Just a theory
So we’ve looked at the possibility that our universe will freeze up and everything that we know will no longer exist, but what about this theory? The universe is going to just rip apart, and it will be caused by dark energy that is increasing all the time. The energy will culminate and lead to a ripping effect of astronomical proportions, causing entire galaxies to be ripped apart.

5 – The answer to life’s questions
Could be sitting on Saturn’s North Pole. There you will find a massive anomaly, which is leaving people pretty confused. The Eye of Saturn has been studied by many, and with its unusual shapes and patterns, has led some to believe that is the place where a mythical power sits, controlling life as we know it.

4 – World War 3
But not here on earth, this war could take place in space and there are theories that claim NASA isn’t out in space for discovery purposes like we’ve been led to believe, but they are in fact building a fleet of space warships that are literally orbiting earth as I speak. There is some reference to a leaked document containing some information about something called the Solar Warden Program, which we mentioned earlier when we spoke about hacker, Gary McKinnon.

3 – It’s make believe
This is a rather well-known theory, but it’s so crazy, it’s definitely worth mentioning again. It says that the moon landings were a complete hoax, and NASA staged the whole experience to beat Russia to the moon. Claims state that radiation from the Van Allen radiation belt would kill a human, so that’s flaw number one, and number 2 was the fact that there is no wind on the moon, so why on earth did the flag flutter?

2 – A sneak peek
This warped theory has people believing that NASA went on a mission to protect the moons of Jupiter as a predecessor to their Lucifer Project, which is a future plan to convert Jupiter into another sun. As of today, that project hasn’t taken off, but who knows?

1 – All-time favorite
I think that if people wanted the answer to this one, they should just ask him! Former President, Barack Obama has allegedly been on a trip to Mars in the 1980’s and has successfully made contact with Martians. It’s just such a shame that he’s keeping this space mission top-secret.

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  1. The moon flag never fluttered.its impossible for METAL to flutter.yes the flag was made of a type of metal called TIN!!! Do some real research people.

  2. Maybe thats why ALL Presidents hair go grey around the 2nd term in office…they get a free trip to Mars & back DOH!!!!!!!

  3. "THE" galaxy is 2.4 million light years away? WTF are you jokers talking about? We are part of the galaxy.
    So, The UNIVERSE'S nemesis is a dwarf star orbiting our sun, huh? You all behind this channel have to be pulling these statements from each others' assholes. There is no other way to find shit like this.
    You make no sense. You idiots propagate ridiculously incorrect information like this all the time. Get ur shit straight

  4. Poorly executed. Worst video I've seen from this channel. Terminology all wrong, descriptions are vague or confusing. How did this ever get past quality control?

  5. I don't think this chick knows what "theory" means in the scientific sense. Also, Tabbys star isn't a theory. There can be hypotheses about what's blocking the light, but theory doesn't fit in that category at all! Also the multiverse and simulation bits are hypotheses, not theories.

  6. "black holes suck everything in and destroy it, while white holes create and expand" Hmmm….space really pays attention to the Earth's races. Blacks don't destroy their neighborhoods and shoot people because they live on a different street…or do they? (Clean up your neighborhoods and I'll bet that what you call racism, will nearly disappear

  7. most of the theories are false but some of them are true!
    which it makes me believe that so many people like the "not good" things!

  8. Gary McKinnon never was imprisoned because the British government blocked his extradition due to his illness (asperger syndrome) and is living a life as a free person now.

  9. not Dysons form its called Dysons sphere. but you were pretty close and most that know what a Dysoms sphere is will know what your talking about

  10. Aliens are cyborgs sent by other humans in other solar systems using warp drive tech but no biological matter can’t survive the punch through the time line
    Thats why there eyes are big they are cameras , and they obviously abduct us to study life on our planet that probably is similar to theres

  11. ya the 2.4 light years away from ? & you said planet when I'm sure you ment Universe & then you called that dwarf planet that looks like the Death Star a dwarf star-NOT! But trust me I wasn't confused.

  12. The first one is not the Big Bang Theory. That is the theory that the Universe was originally an extremely hot point, heated to unimaginable temperatures, but the pressure built too much and it started to expand. We now live in an incredibly expanded area that originated as the speck a few millimeters across.

  13. Who the hell edited or reseached the info for this video? You need to be fired and go back to 3rd grade and just start the fuck over

  14. Jesus…. well, to be fair, we consider any being that originates from somewhere other than earth, an alien. God did not originate on earth, so by definition, God is an alien. So Jesus is part alien……. he is also a zombie.

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