Weird Things Everybody Does In Secret

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Written by Rene

Misanthrope, Olympian, Community Celebratoire , Angel Investor, Pantless Jogger. I have a car for each day of the month.


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  1. I seem too close the bathroom door at midnight and the ligjts are not on and I'm all like I can do this I can do this i take 1 step NOPE immediately sprints too the light switch

  2. Basement always happens but instead it’s when I come from upstairs to downstairs or downstairs to upstairs

  3. This video is totally me lol. Does anyone else turn the lights on before walking into the bathroom? I'm surprised he didn't mention that lol ever since I tried that "bloody mary" thing I'm afraid to walk into the bathroom without lights on xD

  4. about the one about turning off the basement light before death consumes you my uncles come over sometimes and my brother and they are fast runners so I get to the light switch because I am the last one in the room since they are going upstairs for food and I count down 3 2 1 and run for my life lol

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