WEIRD NEWS SURFACES OF TAYLOR SWIFT BEING A NAZI? – Double Toasted – Now Taylor Swift isn’t the only one saying “Look what you made me do” as Korey and the gang are once again, having another Swifty segment on the Double Toasted podcast! Only this time, we’re discussing what’s trending now on the internet as people are discussing not the song “Ready For It”, but instead some weird news of Swift being a nazi is the funny topic that is currently going viral on many news sites! We dig deeper into this news in this funny video!

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Written by Rene

Misanthrope, Olympian, Community Celebratoire , Angel Investor, Pantless Jogger. I have a car for each day of the month.


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  1. Real Conspiracy here: Those cartoon cats are 100% ripped off from the indie darling Night in the Woods. NITW is a video game made by 3 starving artists, who are barely scraping by. Swift has zero shame. Fucking despicable.

  2. Why y'all gotta make everything political just because she doesn't you guys turn in her and it's not the alt right as u say doing anything it's y'all crazy liberals and feminists bashing her for no reason

  3. White ppl r to be seen separate from blondes, however blondes r ever so fond of them. Why? Because they r willing to be rude. Blondes r neorotic and thus live in fight or flight mode always. They intend to destroy all others for this thus need physical pain to be in fear. Note the fight or flight mode only is. There is no reason but they dont know this so are anti civilization. Whites r rude so this enhances the existing drive to destroy giving excuse to do so. Blondes naturaly gravitate to whit

  4. People need to leave Taylor Swift alone. She's not messing with anybody. She's just trying to make her money like everybody else.

  5. She is one of the most overrated artist I've ever seen. Most mainstream artist these days are that, but she just takes the cake. Everything she has ever done in here career goes from… mehh, to horrible. While there are still plenty artist out there who do incredible, new things and don't even get half the attention/ recognition of what she gets. I just don't get this world sometimes.
    I'm not saying, ''no one should like her'', everyone has there own tast. But ''artists'' like her get shoved down so many peoples throats that it really annoys me how things go with the music industry these days. She is a great business woman (or her manager is), she isn't a great artist.

    She should just be one of does artists, not one of the biggest artists.

  6. Biggest conspiracy is how people still listen to Modern hip-hop. That Kendrick Lamar track played in the beginning was just awful.

  7. Why does "Look what you made me do" sound like one of those bland sounding songs that you hear in smart phone/car commercials?

  8. I tend not to trust her, something seems…off. She claims she has a passion for music, but I get a vibe that she likes money more.

  9. I like that, when I read this comment section, there seems to be a sense of political neutrality. I see groups liberals and conservatives, and centrists too. No alt righters, though, which is fine by me. Fuck those guys.

  10. Martin talking 'black music' again as if genres belong to races 😉
    Korey thinking Tayor is 'freestyling' when she's actually just miming 🙂

  11. I’ve never liked Taylor Swift at all really the majority of her songs are pretty much the same. Breaks up with someone makes a song about it and the cycle keeps repeating.

  12. Why should white people incorporate black people in their videoclips. You made the white man a non caring identitarian.

  13. “Bluebirds with bluebirds, red birds with red birds, pigeons with pigeons, eagles with eagles. God didn't make no mistake!” – Muhammad Ali

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