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Watch This Video QUICK Before They Delete It!


Whether you believe that there is life beyond planet earth or not it’s hard to deny that every once in a while we get some kind of scare, or sign, of life existing beyond the confines of our world. Can you imagine just working through a regular day and all of a sudden – out of nowhere – you spot what you think could be an alien? Or even a UFO? What would you do?! Well, for our sake, we’d hope you’d record it and send it on over to Top 5 Supreme! So, without further delay let’s get started! Before we begin with today’s video, don’t forget to click the bell to get notified every single day with the best Tops you’ll ever see! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel! So without waiting for anything else, let’s get rolling!

#5 Columbus, North Carolina

In our first video we have some home shot footage that took place not too long ago in North Carolina. In the city of Columbus a local man was out on the western side of the town when he noticed some very peculiar lights in the sky. So he whipped out his camera, got a couple of minutes of footage and within hours of posting it online was bombarded with views and comments. Check it out – in the video it appears as if something is hovering in the sky. You can tell by the placement of the moon and the design of the lights on whatever it was that was floating in the sky, that this isn’t an airplane, because an air plain wouldn’t be stationary. What could it be?

#4 Beijing Lights

Check out this next video. In this clip you see some very strange looking lights, that had the skyline in China – near Beijing – looking extremely colorful and weird. After the videos were uploaded users and commenters were going crazy! While some people attempted to justify the lights as some kind of large, weird torch, others were certain that this was absolutely the work of some alien activity. Other websites quickly picked up on the lights, and claimed that they were visible for far further than just Beijing. No explanation was ever provided.

#3 Commercial Pilots Nervous

In this next clip we have the audio of a very recent UFO sighting that happened over the state of Arizona. Two separate commercial airline pilots, on two separate occasions, both reported seeing something fly over the top of the aircraft. The pilots were so shook up that they checked in with their superiors to see if there were some kind of scheduled flights that no one knew about. Take a listen . . . [play audio from video here] There were apparently no scheduled military testing’s or whether balloons in sight. This event, like many others we’re finding out, is still under investigation.

#2 Texas Aliens, too

A video uploaded to the internet not too long ago has been direct proof of UFO activity for millions of people. It shows a dark black object – what looks to be some kind of vehicle – hovering over the skies of Texas. In fact, this specific sighting has been reported to the Mutual UFO Network and is officially being investigated. According to witnesses, this particular UFO was moving around without making a sound. A former military man even made the comment saying ‘they were not aircraft of any kind and having served in the forces for over 30 years I can bet my pension they are not known to the military’. We’ll keep you updated.

#1 Navy Pilot Saw it First

Another UFO sighting is officially being investigated, as well. US Navy pilot commander David Fravor recalled training flights dating back to 2004 that, that left him forever changed with what he say. He claims that the UFO he noticed was about 40 feet long, didn’t have any wings and moved faster in the air than anything he had ever seen. The United States Department of Defense has reportedly beein studying UFO reports for years, so we’ll have to wait and see what comes out of this. Did you like what you saw? Make sure you drop us a comment! And that is today’s list! Thanks for watching today’s video. If you like this list, leave a thumbs up and share with all of your friends! And don’t forget to subscribe to this channel so you never have to miss out on any of our interesting video sever again!

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  1. aliens are demonic don't be deceived. satan fell like lightening they lie pretend they are from planets they are interdimensional from here since fall of man and angels banished with satan they are the fallen angels genesis 6 and Enoch. Jesus Christ is who they fear. He is the way the truth and the life!

  2. I know similar thing to number 3:

    In 1986 a japan airlines Boeing 747-200 freighter was flying over alaska after midnight the captain saw 2 lights on the left when a bit later they went in front of the plane when they flew above each other and the captain decided to ask if there is any traffic in front of them to the tower. The tower said they don't see anything in front of them at the radar. The pilots kept eye on the objects when they started flying on its side. The pilots still kept eye when the objects suddenly dissapeared they looked around but couldn't see them. Later around them was an air base where the military tower did spot on the radar something behind the flight. The tower asked the pilots if everything was OK they told of there encounter and then the tower asked another flight to take a look behind the cargo plane bit it was too late the objects already dissapeared.

    The flight continued to its destination and landed safely

  3. Have you noticed that most things happens in China!!Wierd huu( or what do you thing it's not weird.)

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