Very Dumb Things People Did!

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Written by Rene

Misanthrope, Olympian, Community Celebratoire , Angel Investor, Pantless Jogger. I have a car for each day of the month.


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  1. I do A LOT of dumb things here is a primary example: when I was 7 I jumped down the stairs in my house because I believed I could fly. I ended up spraining my ankle. When my ankle had healed, I did it again because I was determined to prove science wrong and fly. And sprained my ankle again.

  2. I did almost the same thing with the old cigarette lighters but instead of my tounge it was my finger

  3. I jumped down 5 steps on the stairs when I was younger because I thought monsters were chasing me I also used to think my coubourd door was evil I said I will be ur gf so he would stop xD I was a weird 5 year old

  4. One time my mom's boyfriend's kid pulled down his pants and peed on my brother. My brother was 5 and the other kid was 4

  5. Once I was about to go to school and I got ready and got my coat and backpack and clothes and I walked to the bus stop then I rode all the way to school and went into the office. I called my mom and said "Mom? Will you bring me my shoes? I forgot them." For the 5 years after that I wonder…..How smart are humans, really?
    Hopefully smarter than me

  6. When I was small I collected over 100 red ants in a HUGE bucket until One day I finally got bit (I baned all the ants Alex for some reason)

  7. Once, I was bouncing a ball to my grandpa across a table and I bounced it on the edge to go to my grandpa on the other side
    the ball ended up coming back and hitting me in the face

  8. Can someone help find a video plz? The one that goes like
    My manager was having an argument with a customer,and the customer asked to see the manager,the manager did a 360° turn and said "hi,I'm the manager what would you like help with?"

  9. omg yes i remember when i jumped down a flight of stairs when i was like 5, i cried, then i when back to jump again. i did this literally everyday idk why :/

  10. I jumped down a flight of stairs when i was 8 because my friend who was 10did and I did a bellyflop and right when she left I threw up

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