VENOM (2018) Movie – Concept Trailer (HD)

“Incredible.” – Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Hulk and X-Men.

Edited by Billy Crammer

Enjoy this fan-made trailer for ’Venom.’

My concept trailer was originally uploaded a few months back. It was featured on sites like Nerdist, Screenrant, Gizmodo and IGN among others. Marvel legend Stan Lee also shared it on his social media pages!

Here are some quotes about my trailer:

“Fantastic trailer for Venom. Is Sony’s Venom going to be as good as this trailer? Because we would definitely line up to see this version of the film. It’s strange when a fan can put something together that gets us way more excited for the film.” –

“This trailer does show exactly how exciting, fun, and dark Venom could turn out to be. Perhaps someone at Sony will get a look, and use it as inspiration for future trailers.” – Screenrant

“If Sony’s looking for some ideas on how to make a Venom trailer that’s going to get fans hyped up for the film? This fan trailer has the right idea.” –

“Clips from other movies make for a much better ‘Venom’ trailer. Now THIS is a movie I want to see.” – Bloody Disgusting

“I found myself drawn to this trailer, by Billy Crammer, for the way it tries to repair a vision that seems missing.” – Gizmodo

“Fan trailer gives us the Venom movie we really wanted.” –

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NOTE: This is a fan-made trailer.

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Made for fun.

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