Unexplained Coincidences At Museums…

People Who Found Themselves In Old Museums Paintings

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Do you find classic art a bit hard to relate to? So do us, but that could easily change upon a find like these guys stumbled upon when they uncovered their identical doppelgangers in old paintings!

Bored Panda has compiled a list of these suspected time travelers who snapped a selfie next to their twins preserved in old canvas. But the words won’t do it justice, so better scroll down and see for yourself.

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Written by Rene

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  1. imagine that you go into a museum and see a picture of a king who ruled a lot of countries ( alexander the great) and you see that he is your dopplegangers

  2. Nope, I saw very little resemblance between most of the pictures. As they say: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

  3. wow amazing, I've lost the picture, but years ago when I was in my 20s I had a photo of myself that many people said looked like the Mona Lisa..

  4. Well like i said on other not related to this channel videos:

    There is only a certain number of Body-Presets and special additions "Nature" can choose from. This applies but is not limited to Faces, so its likely that you can see people with Simmilar Faces and Body Type if they are outright Doppengängers. There is also a Genetic Factor but in most cases, especialy when alot of "Time" passed it doesn't have such a high Priority.

    (This Applies to Evey living thing, and living is quite a strechable discription so Snythetics are included)

    Allthough there are Constantly new Body-Presets being generated, only a few of those even make it through the many Fuctional and Quality Filters. These are in place to avoid Non-Sensical things on certain species. These are also in place to avoid any major defects and/or possibly "Too Wrong" things on the looks.

    And there is always the thing with Other Species mimicing the looks of other Species to fit into their Culture more Seamlessly.
    And yes there are also Dimensional Travelers, Mirror Doppelgängers and the ocasional Time Traveler but thats hard to Avoid if even at all possible.

  5. I do portraits? I can see these people basically look alike yet are not the same people. Either usually from their cheek bones being to wide their jaw line eye being sunken in or less than etc. The head shape is different try to put some of the features as the portrait or block them out and you can see they aren't the same people.

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