Top 10 Weirdest Christmas Traditions In The World

When you think of Christmas traditions, you may think of things like Santa Claus, gift giving and Christmas cookies. From strange food choices to bizarre Christmas characters, Here are our top 10 weirdest Christmas traditions.
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Weirdest Christmas Traditions! Hide Your Brooms – This tradition from Norway had women hiding all the brooms in their house before they went to bed on Christmas Eve. Roller Skating to Church – A fun tradition we can all get behind in Caracas, Venezuela involves roller skating to Christmas mass. Kiviak – Greenland has got some strange Christmas traditions, namely it’s delicacy of Kiviak. Caganer – The Caganer is a tradition found in Catalina where a small, special guest is included in the traditional nativity scene. Pickle Ornament – The popular tradition of hanging a Christmas pickle ornament on your tree has long been believed to have started in Germany – however, this might not be the case.

Televised Yule Log – In America, the tradition of turning on your TV at Christmas morning to watch a log burn bright began in 1966 and is still going strong today. Christmas Dinner in Japan – Even though Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan, a long running Christmas tradition includes eating fried chicken at KFC. Deck the Halls with Spider Webs – The Spider and the Christmas Tree is an old Ukrainian Christmas story which has led to families decorating their trees with glittering spider webs instead of the usual ornaments from the United States. Mari Lwyd – Beginning in the early 1800’s and continuing to this day in South Wales, men take the skull of a horse and decorate it with ribbons before attaching it to a pole. Zwarte Piet – A friend or sort of sidekick of St. Nicholas, Zwarte Pete – or Black Pete – is a controversial character who hands out sweets to children in Amsterdam on December 5th.

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Written by Rene

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  1. Better check your facts about Zwarte Piet and Saint Nicholas this has nothing to do with Christmas its an entirely different holiday. Btw you should have mentioned as well that Santa Claus is just a rip off of Saint Nicholas and that the guy you see as Santa is just a very succesfull Coca Cola ad campaign from 1931

  2. Bro that zwarte piet is whole different tradition than christmas it start the fifth of december and it ends the 20th of december and i know that because im dutch

  3. 1)"America, we feel offended for you", when will they learn not every representation of a black character in the world is Jim Crow?

  4. I am kinda sad because I was born in Netherland and I knew lots of Dutch but then my parents ( who are Asian ) moved to England so I learn English. Because I learned so much English I forgot some Dutch. But fortunately I did not forget about all the traditions in Nederland. Sinterklaas is not a Christmas tradition thingy. It is waaaaay different to Christmas. And sinterklaas is not a weird tradition and don't call it a weird and bizarre tradition. How would you feel if I told , for example , that Christmas was weird and bizarre. And I still miss the sweets the zwarte piets would give me. And I absolutely hated the way he pronounced zwarte piet. Why pronounce it when you don't even know how to pronounce it? Like if you speak Dutch or you were born in Nederland

  5. That whole "hide a pickle in the christmas tree like the Germans do" thing has confused me since the first time I heard about it a couple years ago. I am from Germany and this simply has never been a thing around here and for sure is not a thing now (except for those people who like to imitate US stuff). Someone must have invented that as a "fact" about "those whacky Germans" and then it took off, and now everybody except the Germans does it.

  6. in belgium and the netherlands : Sinterklaas comes on the 6th of december (celebrating his birthday) and christmas on the 25th (as the rest of the world)

  7. Black pete has nothing to do with Christmas you fuck (I'm not even dutch ) and I know this dip shit and how is it qoute racist fucking weirdo

  8. Cf the last one on "Zwarte Piet en Sinterklaas" / "Black Pete and Saint Nicolas" – is one of several variations found all over Europe. The Saint Nicolas gave rise to Santa Claus. With the Santa Claus character is preserved that Santa has a wife and that there are house elfs / goblins helping Santa and his Wife. Read and see the images on What is characteristic is that the stories everywhere evolve as insights on how to deal with kids and human interrelations. In some regions the Santa is not present and only the black character with coal and companions appear; of course they have nothing to do with people of African Descent. That Santa is not present makes sense as the history of the black character and the house goblins and elfs is much older than when christianity appeared in Europe. The globlins and elf characters are found all over the planet as they are based upon what the human brain fabricates from pattern recognition of flashes of more shady or more light in corners or behind obstacles giving the impression of a character just disappearing or jumping behind an object to hide itself. To find out more about how our brain sometimes plays us tricks: wikipedia "déjà vu" and skeptic articles on humans as pattern recognition seekers. It is a wonderous world ! 🙂

  9. Uhmm… Be Amazed? Sinterklaas Zwartepiet like you called it is not a christmas tradition, its an totally diffrent holliday. and the date is totally diffrent from christmas, Sinterklaas is on December The 5Th, Just a little more info about the Sinterklaas tradition 😉
    Kind regards,
    From Holland/The Netherlands.

  10. Im done with this channel if he says something about Sinterklaas unsubed and Sinterklaas is not weird it not even a Christmas tradition

  11. tf is wrong this Netherlanders?? They say he's just black because of the chimney and what about his hair?? Did the chimney also turn his hair into an afro fucking Netherland retards

  12. Like If you are dutch I am dutch too but gonna say it in english,manny people are commenting about,"sinterklaas is not even a celebration"hè doesnt even Said that.sinterklaas is a person that lives in spain and we have kerstman that lives on the northpole (kerstman=santa claus) we celebrate Christmas as it is normaly.we celebrate it in 25dec.Normaly setting up the christmastree and here we Go!HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

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