Top 10 Disney Child Star Scandals

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Top 10 Disney Child Star Scandals
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They may have gotten their start at the House of Mouse, but they took a wrong turn on their way out. From Zac Efron’s drug abuse to Lindsay Lohan’s derailment, Disney child stars have suffered their fair share of controversy. WatchMojo is counting down the most infamously troubled former Disney stars.

#10: Fergie’s Wayward Years
#9: Zac Efron’s Substance Abuse
#8: Lalaine Vergara-Paras’ Dark Days
#7: Orlando Brown’s Legal Troubles
#6: Shia LaBoeuf’s Adult Life
#5: Vanessa Hudgens’ Nude Leak
#4: Lindsay Lohan’s Derailment
#3, #2 & #1???

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Written by Rene

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  1. Demi Lovato is one of my heroes. I have the same problems as she did. I'm happy that she's happy and successful. Love you, Demi! <3

  2. I kept thinking, "How can you top that one", then next person would pop-up and I would think "How can you top that one"….lol

  3. They made Vanessa apologize. Hollywood is so hypocritical, you can still find blogs and news from 2007-2008 shaming her but if you look at their current stuff that covers the #metoo and icloud leaks, they’re all “sympathetic”. Goes to show they just do the stories for clicks and money.

  4. Demi Lovato's struggles were all fabricated. She wanted out of her Disney contract and her whole "Struggle" was a fabrication by her manager to re-invent her and push her more into an adult direction.

  5. Part of wishes I could go back in time and show this video to the younger versions the these stars, and tell them to get their shit together, which would be incredibly awkward for me to say since I grew up watching all of them as a kid.

  6. One of your worst list Britney should not be #1 Lindsay lohan should because it took Brit one year to get better and once she came back she never looked back it took Lindsay 10 years to get better and she still is not completely there

  7. Orlando Brown has aged a lot more than I thought he had – it's only been a couple of years since he did that reunion episode of The View with Raven-Symone and Annelise Van Der Pol.

    It's sad that a lot of child stars do go off the rails once adulthood reaches them.

  8. I know this is not the topic but speaking of disney stars that spread cancer throughout the world let me just say this: it gets and it's haplening EVERY DAY BROOO

  9. They should've shown actual footage of Shia Labeouf's violent habits rather than clips from Disturbia.

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