The Untold Truth Of Black Adam

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Almost every superhero has an evil opposite. Spider-Man has Venom, Superman has Bizarro, and Shazam the hero formerly known as Captain Marvel has the deadliest of them all: Black Adam. Powered by the same mystical lightning that makes his nemesis so formidable, Adam has all of Shazam’s powers, and is far more ruthless in using them. He’s easily one of DC’s most popular villains, but that wasn’t always the case. Here’s the untold truth of Black Adam!

Black Adam appears | 0:26
Back in Black | 1:37
What’s in a (magic) name? | 2:16
Theo Adam and the Power of Shazam | 3:14
The ultra-violent king of Kahndaq | 4:48
If you smell what Black Adam’s cookin’ | 5:38

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Written by Rene

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  1. can't wait to see Dwayne Johnson play as Black Adam in the DCEU! then take on Superman and Shazam! will be one awesome movie

  2. Did anyone realize that the video cover drawing looks like that one captain or lead detective from one of the seasons of criminal minds

  3. Mark my words The Rock will ruin the live action movie of Black Adam. He's just a terrible actor. I hope they recast Black Adam with someone who actually knows how to act.

  4. The Rock asked his fans if he should be Shazam or Black Adam. They chose Black Adam. I think he should have been Shazam

  5. I first learned about Black Adam in in 52. I thought it was interesting that he was supposed to have gone bad because his wife and children were killed by an enemy the wizard Shazam wouldn't let him kill.

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