The Most Bizarre Japanese Anime Ever Made

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It’s no secret that Japanese animation can go to some pretty weird places… but just how strange does it really get? From experimental short films to psychedelic roller coasters, here’s a look at some of the most bizarre Japanese anime ever made…

Paprika | 0:13
Cat Soup | 1:00
Interstella 5555 | 1:54
GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack | 2:37
Mind Game | 3:12
Dead Leaves | 3:43
Tekkonkinkreet | 4:13
Angel’s Egg | 4:53

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Written by Rene

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  1. No wonder i had nightmares after Paprika…. I couldn't get back to myself for a month, and i didn't even watched the whole thing.

  2. i just watched the utena movie and like……………wtf was any of that. i watched the entire show, but it was still an incredibly trippy, bizarre watch. also, fwiw, i don't think interstella 5555 is that odd??? it's very cool though, definitely one of my favorites.

  3. At the same time of Paprika, and about the same subject about dreams melting with reality, I strongly recommend to you the animated movie of XXX HOLIC.
    More epic, more beautiful and magic for my opinion.

  4. Serial Experiments Lain. Boogiepop Phantom. WEEEIIRRRDDD. How is Interstellar 5555 bizarrre? lmao. yall have no taste in art and music.

  5. "the anime that plays out like a techno-driven fever-dream that you will never forget…" Interstella 5555 yeahhhhh!!!

  6. 1.Jojo's Bizzare Adventure
    2.Jojo's Bizzare Adventure
    3.Jojo's Bizzare Adventure
    4.Jojo's Bizzare Adventure
    5.Jojo's Bizzare Adventure
    6Jojo's Bizzare Adventure
    7.Jojo's Bizzare Adventure
    8.Jojo's Bizzare Adventure
    9.Jojo's Bizzare Adventure

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