The Most Bizarre Gunship in the Jedi Fleet – Jedi Master Farfalla’s Fairwind Explained

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The Non-Canon Expert describes the Fairwind and explains why this New Sith Wars-era gunship owned by Jedi Master and Jedi Lord Valenthyne Farfalla was one of the most bizarre and unique vessels ever seen within the Jedi Order’s fleet.

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Written by Rene

Misanthrope, Olympian, Community Celebratoire , Angel Investor, Pantless Jogger. I have a car for each day of the month.


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  1. Meh. I honestly hate spaceships that just look like pirate ships with few modifications. How unimaginative.

  2. Farfalla… Well… We know which Jedi had a thing for ancient sail and sea faring history.. Cuz that's totally practical in space combat. At least dont use ACTUAL wood…

  3. 2:35

    My Jedi (not really) senses tell me that the guy on the right is thinking something along the lines of "WTF".

    If not for meee…

    …for wondering if those sails actually do anythiiiinnnngggg.

  4. Oh my gosh… This is a level of silly I didn't expect — and that's taking into account the "Tag & Bink" and "Skippy the Jedi Droid" stories!
    I'm vaguely disappointed Farfalla's lightsaber doesn't have some kind of swept/basket-style hilt like a rapier or cutlass.

  5. I'm not as familiar with Legends or the old expanded universe as maybe I should. However, if it only has nine laser cannons what are all the other broadside gun ports used for, are those just windows, or was it miss communication between writers and artists?

  6. The Army of Light (of which you're speaking of) was founded by Lord Hoth, not Farfalla. The 300 Jedi Farfalla brought with him were simply reinforcements to the already existing Army of Light.

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