“The Horror From the Vault: To Grow a Garden” (Feat. CreepsMcPasta)| CreepyPasta Storytime

CreepsMcPasta is the voice of today’s Video in Isaac Boissonneau’s fantastic series of The Horror From The Vault
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Written by Rene

Misanthrope, Olympian, Community Celebratoire , Angel Investor, Pantless Jogger. I have a car for each day of the month.


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  1. Are you going to say anything about what people have said about you?

    If this comment gets deleted i'm going to post the same thing again.

  2. Scary as the story is… the most horrifying sentence in the whole thing for me is still the phrase "be a man".
    God, that phrase sucks.

  3. Idk this has a different feeling than the past 2. Not what I was expecting. Still good but just not my favorite

  4. y do i get the feeling hes gonna get eaten and the reason hes so calm is because that "vanilla" smell is an airborne thing that keeps him calm idk lol

  5. The original horror from the vault is one of my all time favorite creepypastas. I can't even explain my love for lovecraftian stories with a modern touch.

  6. I liked it being set in Britain. really gives a feeling of spreading of the "horror". .ewwfme jkwhqdfxeipojqoipeqhjeiwopxfheejiopqfyhiefoxqj

  7. If you wanna be profound, if you really gotta justify…
    Take a breath and look around.
    A lot of folks deserve to die!

  8. Coleco and Calico are two different words you might want to get spell check or tell whoever wrote that to learn how to use voice recognition software. So they know how to pronounce stuff

  9. Wow MCP. You and Creeps in the same pasta, PLUS it's more Horror from the Vault ❤ You guys rule

  10. So we went from a thousand fingered blob monster absorbing people and animals in a clearing with a blood pond, to a smoke being with flying minions, to a garden?


  11. this is different from the last two entries from this series. This thing eats its victims and grows itself rather than stitching them together or adding them to its own body like the first monster. I wonder if this creature was spawned form the giant biomass from the first two parts but we haven't seen it create anything that can speak or show any signs of intelligence like the thing form this story. Can't wait to learn more about this.

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