The Giant Robot Fight Was Totally LAME – Weekly Weird News

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• Megabots vs Kuratas


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Written by Rene

Misanthrope, Olympian, Community Celebratoire , Angel Investor, Pantless Jogger. I have a car for each day of the month.


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  1. They really should have taken the pilots out, so they could be a bit less pillow-fisted with the weaponry. Adding some proper hydraulics to Kuratas arm, and giving it a nice sharp edge would have let it punch through a chassis rather satisfyingly. And replacing the paintballs with some actual, military grade weaponry would have made this more interesting. They probably could have just installed some cameras up in the cockpit and set the pilots up in another room. Would have been so much better then.

  2. These were basically generation 1 bots and people expected a Gundam fight, that would be like expecting a high roaring demolition derby out of unmodified Model Ts

  3. Why do you guys make it sound the worst possible thing ever its like calm down a bit stop circle jerking and realize this is a mech fight

  4. Well it's the first ones so out course it's not gonna be up to imagination. But if they continue then the machines will definitely get better.

  5. Wtf were you expecting. If we had the capabilities to make giant fighting robots that function like humans they're would be no soldiers only nerds killing people behind screens. I suppose babies are lame only because they havn't seen pacific rim

  6. i feel they should have used paintball sized ball bearings, and also at the maker faire mkIII was supposed to punch quite fast? i just think the idea is fast paced, just the mechs move like a fork lift battle. in their most recent full live fight had foam Armour that in theory could look cool, just its too slow for its idea.

  7. Guys their just trying to make something happen what are y'all doing nothing except YouTube get a fucking job dumb asses

  8. HONNESTLY, the purpose of Megabots now is to figure out how to regulate the fights. Because the fight that I waited 2 years for was crap. They don't have the money they need but if they did it would be sponsors but who would sponsor a new "sport" that only had two teams. It's still to early for this and I think Megabots knows this so we'll have to wait and see in 3-4 years.

  9. for the creators POV its not LAME because their project giant mech fight is still success .. even they just script the last fight .. do you even know how much money cost to build a giant mech like that ?
    if you can create a good fight with robots/mechs .. with the level of tech right now .. you guys are awesome ..
    prime eagle and kurata are the FIRST GENERATION of its kind so dont expect to much right now maybe on 2020-2025 they can create a much better performance giant mech

  10. Wow. Probably the most irresponsible name for a video ever. First of all this mech battle was the first of it kind, they didn't know what kind of strategies would work. Second of all these mechs original purpose to to raise money, but in ten years from now when the megabot fighting league is in full swing the mechs are going to be much more customized and leave flashiness behind to fit fighting needs.

  11. I mean, I understand the whole "Remove the people and it's better" thing, but that's not a mech fight.
    That's two giant robots fighting, which is still really cool, but y'know.

    I like some of the ideas about removing the people and replacing them with dummies n' stuff.
    That'd be cool too.

  12. I have one thing to say to you two. The fact that you expected the mechs to be lightning quick or something makes you fucking morons…

  13. It's still a mach fight and pretty freaking cool. Idk why you would even need to make a video saying why you don't like it. Definitely more of a waste of time than that fight and not as much talent

  14. this is still the first fight and you guys want to dog on it. dont compare it to anime shows mechs think about how many years and all of the tech they had to perfect you cant compare something that is new and ill teched to a fantasy anime that has no tech restrictions cuz its a anime yeah its not what we all expected but hey its the start of something amazing

  15. I was happy with the battle. Obviously I wasn't going to expect Gundam-shit and you people who wanted that are morons. It was the FIRST Giant Robot Duel so of course the battle was pretty lame.

    Hype is fucking cancerous and we as a Sentient Species need to stop. I do hope that a Giant Robot Duel League actually happens within my lifetime.

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