The Bizarre Briefing – Thankful – November 2017

We’re on the other side of Black Friday and the surprising backstory behind Modern Rogue’s “iconic?” yellow.

Recorded November 28, 2017 on

The Bizarre Briefing is our monthly behind-the-scenes podcast, giving you raw insight and stories behind Scam School, Modern Rogue, Scam Stuff, and more.

00:00:56 – Brandt’s stat-filled Modern Rogue update video
00:16:28 – How do YouTube ads affect us?
00:22:07 – We launched the Outlaws Vault and Crimson right after last episode
00:26:35 – There was also Black Friday
00:30:31 – Coming Scam School stuff including a shoot and Nate Staniforth
00:36:19 – Brian and David’s Black Friday video
00:38:52 – Brandt explain’s “Modern Rogue yellow”
00:47:51 – Other uses of explanations in Scam School
00:55:35 – The stegonography challenge
01:05:00 – Brandt’s Randt: Memory leaks
01:19:22 – Patron shirts finally went out. How are they?
01:25:57 – Holiday plans?

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Written by Rene

Misanthrope, Olympian, Community Celebratoire , Angel Investor, Pantless Jogger. I have a car for each day of the month.


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  1. I come away from the opening update-filled segment really thinking they need to hire a lot more people and/or cut back on a lot of projects. They're being stretched thin and they're failing on a lot of fronts. Not just the Patreon rewards, but Brian's and Jason's interaction with the community, with clarity and transparency, and more. Almost every time Brant talks about a project he did, he says things like he didn't know they were doing it until the last minute, or couldn't find much time to get it done, or whatever else. This isn't sustainable.

    I don't have the experience or simple knowledge to have any ideas on how things can be fixed, but I think that things do need to be fixed.

    Also at 53:15 or so–screw you guys. Arial is the best font. 😀

  2. 58:05 I've always done that too. I feel that, as you say, it gives you a better understanding of "why" rather than "how" which I think makes you more likely to remember exactly how things are done

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