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    Re – The Truth About Vaccines Episode 2 Part 2

    Part two of my who-knows-how-many-parts-it-will-be anti-vaxx series. In this installment, we get lots and lots and lots of misinformation about aluminium, which I try to clear up. We also get a crazy witch lady with an elastic face. So that was fun. Minds: Twitter: Sources: Polysorbate 80 safety search: Odds of vaccine reaction and vaccine […] More

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    The Truth About Herpes!

    facts, real pictures, and some life advice from yours truly ❤ let’s be facebook friends! twitter – sex ed tumblr – snapchat me! laci-green MORE ABOUT HERPES The CDC on herpes testing: The Updated Herpes Handbook (so much info!!): Herpes vaccine news: Emotional healing with herpes: Talking to a partner about herpes: Me & Planned […] More