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    Panda SEX KING Can’t Stop! – Weekly Weird News

    This week’s Weird is all about panda sex, angry Florida honey bees, angrier Florida senators, and inappropriate things to say in a courtroom. Panda Sex Record – Judge Favors Teacher Rapist – Age of Consent Jeopardy Fail – Honey Thieves – Senator Sues Pizza Delivery Guy – Subscribe to our subreddit: Follow us on Twitter: More

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    Christmas Surprise Traffic Stop with Lowell Police

    “Like” the Lowell Police Department on Facebook! Created by Rob Bliss Creative, a viral video marketing agency: media/business contact: Learn more about the #upliftsomeone campaign: Editor/Co-producer Kevin Budzynski: Film/Production Crew: John Boros Kristopher Sloboda Jonathan Tasman Adrian Butler Gregory Foster II Scott Erickson More

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    Stakeout ~ weirdest AGMV EVER!!!!! =D

    This is my first music video!!!!! It’s a weird song, right? I know. It’s from a band called Freezepop. LISTEN TO THE WORDS CLOSELY BECAUSE THEY TELL THE STORY. Don’t worry, I will make an AGMV with a normal song. I just couldn’t wait to use this one! =D And also, Crystal, ( #23 ) […] More