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    Jake Gyllenhaal, Tatiana Maslany, Jeff Bauman & David Gordon Green On The Film, “Stronger”

    Jeff Bauman loses both of his legs when two bombs explode during the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. After regaining consciousness in the hospital, Jeff is able to help law enforcement identify one of the suspects, but his own battle is just beginning. With unwavering support from his family and girlfriend, Bauman embarks on […] More

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    Short Film about Reservation | AB News & Viral Videos

    This is a Short film about Reservations in India for education, jobs etc are based on the caste system. Watch videos on Viral Videos channel, is for weekly latest funny videos. And you can see unseen, funny videos. and we will upload new viral videos which you never seen before. Subscribe & like stay connect […] More

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    The Best Improvised Weapons In Film

    A mashup of the all-time weirdest improvised weapons used in film. For more information on this video visit Subscribe to HuffPost Movie Mashups today: HuffPost Movie Mashups are a collection videos celebrating cinematic tropes and themes, and a part of the larger Huffington Post internet news, blog, and video community. Get More Huffington Post Watch: […] More