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    Is Dear David REAL?! VIRAL Ghost Story Theories!

    OPEN ME FOR ALL OF THE THINGS! WATCH MY NEW VLOG! The SCARIEST Night of My Life… Haunted Hotel with Hailey Reese! CONFUSED? Watch the first 4 parts of the Dear David story Follow Adam Ellis on Twitter: MY BOOK IS OUT! Order my novel, Haunted in Hollywood, here: Wanna watch another? ♡ Dear David’s […] More

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    DEAR DAVID (a viral thread)

    Twitter: Instagram: More Below ⬇️ SOCIALS: Snapchat: sadmemeboy Spotify: Instagram: Twitter: Adams Twitter: FREE SHIZ: Postmates: QFLLL Uber: oliverw186ue Lyft: oliver43088 Airbnb: ——————————————————————— Hey, I’m Oliver and I just moved to Los Angeles to try and figure my sh*t out but in the meantime I made this channel to have fun with my friends and […] More

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    Jake Gyllenhaal, Tatiana Maslany, Jeff Bauman & David Gordon Green On The Film, “Stronger”

    Jeff Bauman loses both of his legs when two bombs explode during the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. After regaining consciousness in the hospital, Jeff is able to help law enforcement identify one of the suspects, but his own battle is just beginning. With unwavering support from his family and girlfriend, Bauman embarks on […] More

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    My Top david production Openings and Endings

    The studio with the best name in anime. And cause I wanted to use the new Sakurada Reset themes in something. Songs Used: Ben-To OP 1: “LIVE for LIFE ~Ookamitachi no Yoru~” by Aimi Ben-To OP 2: “Treasure” by Emiri Kato Ben-To ED 1: “Egao no Housoku” by Mariya Ise Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation […] More

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    7 STRANGEST Political Parties

    When political characters like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders come along with extremely polarising views, it feels like there are a whole lot of crazy people on both the left and the right just waiting to crawl out of the woodwork. But trust me; even the most extreme Bernie bros and Trumplestiltskins have got nothing […] More

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    True Blue-Foam Slip N’ Slide!

    Special thanks to BYUSA for putting this on, and for all who came out to experience the foam! Traditionally known as the “True Blue Foam” activity, this has grown each year and just gets more and more fun! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: The material used for the foam is 100% biodegradable and environmentally safe. All shot […] More

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