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    Interesting and Bizarre People

    Interesting and Bizarre People Watch the video and listen to good and quality music. Enjoy life, take care of your health, help others and animals and all the surrounding nature. Go to the cinema, go to concerts, play games, play with children, take money on credit at a bank and travel around the world, fly […] More

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    The Bizarre Briefing – Shiver Me Timbers – June 2018

    Brian’s been out, we hurried to stockpile episodes, and report from the SoCal tour. Recorded June 26, 2018 on Topics: 00:01:29 – Brian was on vacation 00:12:57 – IGTV: what is it? 00:26:35 – Brandt loves microfiche 00:37:30 – Tons of Modern Rogue shoots! 00:45:37 – Rick Smith was in town to film with us […] More

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    STRANGEST Things Found In The Amazon

    From giant species of snakes to tribes that have made little to no contact with the outside world, here are the STRANGEST Things Found In The Amazon Subscribe to American Eye 5. Pink Dolphin In case you didn’t know, pink dolphins do exist in the Amazon River in Brazil and in Bolivia. This unique species […] More

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    40 Strangest Things You’ll Only See In Dubai

    Dubai is the biggest and most populous of the cities in the United Arab Emirates. Capital of the Emirate of Dubai, the country faced a problem. The following are the 40 craziest things you’ll only find in this amazing city. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries […] More

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    Dino-Bizarre #20 : Mijotement d’une fondue

    Chaîne d’Eddii : Vingtième épisode de Dino-Bizarre !!! U Von Der Poil, un grand fan d’oxygène, fait la rencontre de l’anti-oxygène Bissection Mordicus. Suite à cela, comme d’hab. D’ailleurs y’a même pas besoin d’avoir vu les autres épisodes pour comprendre celui-ci. C’est sans doute une bonne introduction à la série. More

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