Strangest Things Found On The Beach!

From Huntington Beach sea blobs to vertebrates from tropical storm Debby, here are strangest things found on the beach!

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5. Huntington Beach Sea Blobs

In November of 2016, thousands of small, pink, jelly-like creatures washed up onto the shores of Huntington Beach in Southern California, but no one knew what they were, or had seen anything like them before. One beach goer described how he was walking along the shore when he started to feel little water balloon-like objects popping under his feet, and that they were very soft and squishy. When he looked down, he saw the strange, little, translucent, gelatinous blobs. He thought that they may be jellyfish or eggs, but there were thousands of them all the way along the beach. But the hypothesis came soon enough from many scientists, one of them being Christopher G. Lowe, a Cal State Long Beach marine biology professor. Christopher Lowe believes that they are sea cucumbers, and that, although these marine invertebrates appear similar to jellyfish, they aren’t very closely related. A local lifeguard believes that their odd arrival had something to do with the lingering El Nino. Our guess would be sea aliens or baby jelly monsters.

4. World War II mortar on the Beach

In 1941, hundreds of soldiers descended upon an isolated part of the Peak District. Troops fired bullets and mortars at abandoned farm buildings, tanks rumbled along dirt tracks, and chemical weapons were fired. What they left behind over 75 years ago still has the potential to really hurt someone today. Tom Jackson, a coastguard, found this mortar on the sand at a beach in Camas an Lighe. It’s very sobering to realize that remnants of war are still so evident, even 7 decades on. Other items that have been found include an 18 pound tank shell, and bomb disposal experts have found around 32 other devices. Because of the time passed, most of these objects have eroded, so it is difficult to see exactly what they are and whether they are safe. These shells and mortars can make room sized craters, so you definitely don’t want to be near one of them if it gets activated.

3. Vertebrates from Tropical Storm Debby

After tropical storm Debby hit the Florida coastline in June 2012, most of the shoreline was littered in small shells. Seashell collectors gathered buckets of these shells, which lined the beach area around the Sanibel Lighthouse. There were also bags of true tulips, lightning whelks, angel wing pairs, and alphabet cones. One lucky collector had her eye on some beach bling and found a vertebra from some type of ocean animal, probably a dolphin or a small whale. Although it is not uncommon for marine animals’ bones to wash up, it is quite rare for this type of bone to come ashore. Indeed, a lucky find and something to be SHELL-ebrated.

2. Sea Monster’s Dreadlocks

A rather odd object washed up on a beach in New Zealand, and sparked a large social media debate about what it was. The big ocean object was covered in barnacles and was discovered on Muriwai Beach in Auckland by Melissa Doubleday, a local resident. She took this photo, which she posted to the Muriwai and Waimauku Area Community Group where she asked if anyone knew what this strange ocean thing was. Miss Doubleday said that she had spotted the mysterious barnacled object from down the beach, miles away,, and wondered what it could be. She said that it looked like worms with shells, and that she had never seen anything like it before, initially thinking that it was a beached whale. The post to social media sparked a debate, with many users speculating that it could be anything from part of an old ship wreck to a piece of art. Some more creative commentators offered more imaginative suggestions, such as an alien pod time capsule, drift wood covered in goose barnacles, and a sea monster’s dreadlocks. I personally like the last one, but let us know in the comments down below what you think it could be.

1. Sea Potato Urchins

Beach goers who were searching for sea urchins were left completely baffled by clusters of strange looking “alien” objects that washed up on the beaches in Cornwall. Hundreds of these odd spheres were spotted by families enjoying the day at the beach, and many wondered what these mysterious ocean objects could be. True to form, users on social media offered some interesting theories, including dried up baseballs that had fallen from a cargo ship. But marine scientists say that they are simply a type of sea urchin which is known as the sea potato… and we can see why. The dead sea potato urchins have also washed up on beaches in North Devon as well as at Long Rock between Marazion and Penzance. Ocean experts believe that they were brought in by bad weather and strong currents.

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