Strangest Thing in my Game Collection?

I have a lot of strange things in my collection, and this one might be up there as one of the most bizarre. This an electronic Horse Race Analyzer that is supposed to offer fun for hours! A great couple game! Please comment, like, and subscribe to my channel, as it means so much to me!

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Written by Rene

Misanthrope, Olympian, Community Celebratoire , Angel Investor, Pantless Jogger. I have a car for each day of the month.


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  1. Love the old Mattel Electronics stuff, my favorite is Mattle's Children's Discovery Learning Computer from 1981 which used early game carts and had two game carts called Arcade 1 and Arcade 2 and came the closest to having a "portable/ handheld Intellivision" back in the day.

  2. Does the pen still write ink??? Inquiring minds want to know:-) Super/Duper great video dude!!! Keep'em coming & YOU ROCK DUDE!!!

  3. Lol! That grin in the intro. I'm glad to hear the Gameboy video is still coming! I've been waiting but didn't want to mention it again because I figured it would get annoying. Excited to see what you've got!

  4. You should take that to a real horse track. Challenge Metal Jesus to a horse bet. There's phone apps that help you decide what bets to take and on what horses.

    Your Horse Race Analyzer vs. MJR's Modern Day Horst Betting App.

    To your marks and….. GO!!!!!

  5. Just had a question and your a trusted voice in gaming!.
    When I was a kid I owned a remco mini arcade handheld version of bad dudes.
    I wanted to re-add it to my collection . I’ve checked my local retro game store , pawn shops , and the traditional web sites . I can not find it anywheres . Do you have any non-traditional places to find retro gaming stuff?.
    Thank you . Keep the great videos coming .

  6. This is not a video-game… It's not even a toy… It's a statistics calculator to bet on horse racing! It's a gambling device!

  7. Analizer it sounds more like it's for calculating % of horse races. You always can come up with weid electronic devices. Neat video.

  8. Withouy doing any research i can tell this will not simulate a horse race. Its for tracking info about real horse races. Thats okay bud dont fact check before you post online, there is actually no req to do that

  9. I saw one of those at my local thriftstore in around the same condition a couple months ago but kept on a walking. Its not really a video game not sure what you would categorize it as???

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