STRANGEST Solved And Unsolved Mysteries

The world is full of mysteries and unsolved happenings that are so bizarre they almost seem like there couldn’t be an answer to them. We’re here to present you with some of those things, but also to show you the other end of the spectrum; the solved mysteries and the few that lie somewhere in between. Follow us through Strangest Solved and Unsolved Mysteries.

7. Carlina White
When she was a teeny, tiny baby, Carlina White was abducted from New York’s Harlem Hospital Center after being brought in with a high fever and infection. Carlina was only 19 days old when she went missing, and it took twenty-three years to figure out just where she went, and she even broke the case herself. Carlina began doing some research after her “mother” couldn’t provide her with birth documents, and she noticed the lack of the resemblance between them. She stumbled across some photos of a missing baby that resembled her when she was little, and then decided to contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. It turns out she had been stolen from the hospital by Annugetta “Ann” Pettway, and her parents had been holding onto hope of finding her ever since. She was reunited with her family in 2000, and Ann Pettway was sentenced to 12 years in prison. 12 years! This is why nobody trusts the criminal justice system.

6. Nazca Lines
These massive geoglyphs can be found in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru and are mysterious because we don’t know why they were created, much like Stonehenge. Why would the Nazca people go to all of the trouble of making these giant, intricate drawings on the ground? Were they drawn to be seen by the gods? Were they used in astronomy, or something similar to it? We just don’t know, which makes these lines mysterious and kind of annoying. Why didn’t ancient peoples leave explanations for any of the things they did? They are the ultimate trolls!

5. Missing Okie’s
In November of 1970, three Oklahoma teenagers disappeared without a trace, leaving an entire gossipy, small town to pontificate on if they’d just run away or if something more sinister had happened. The families were left to wonder and worry as the police came up empty-handed. For decades the case stayed cold, that is until the police department was testing sonar equipment in a lake and found a car beneath the surface. It turns out the vehicle held the answer to the long-standing mystery of their whereabout and the case was closed. What exactly happened to the kids and how they ended up where they did may never fully be known, but at least the family isn’t left forever scanning crowds for a familiar face.

4. Zodiac Letters
Alright, so we’re not going to get into the crimes of the Zodiac, as they’re very horrifying. What we’re more interested in anyways are the letters he, or she, sent to the press in the 1960’s and 70’s. One of four of the letters received has been solved and contained a disturbing message. The other three have yet to be deciphered. All these years later and we still can’t figure out what is contained in the pages of these writings. We don’t know if we even want to know. Okay, we do, so will somebody please hurry up and solve these already! Gyllenhaal, you were so close!

3. Baltic Sea Anomaly
This here odd object was found, you guessed it, in the Baltic Sea back in 2011. At first they didn’t know what it was; actually, it remained mysterious for some time. Recently though, they cracked it: it’s a simple glacial deposit left behind when glaciers moved around during the Ice Age. When announced, it was a sad day for those who thought that it might be of an extraterrestrial origin; some believed that it might have been a part from a fleet of aliens, others compared it to the Millennium Falcon. No dice. The object, which stands a whopping 26-feet-tall, was found by Swedish explorer Peter Lindberg and his team while they were searching for a shipwreck and he stated that their equipment stopped working when they got within 200 feet of the object. So one can see why some may have thought it to originate somewhere in the final frontier, but it didn’t; it was made right here on good old planet Earth. That’s one for the home team.

2. Kryptos
This crazy cool sculpture can be found right on the grounds of the CIA, and it’s never been entirely solved, not even by the Central… Intelligence… Agency. Three of the four inscriptions have been, but the fourth still has not. The sculpture was created by a man named Jim Sanborn, to show that everything can be decoded and solved using patterns and clues. Well, Jim, we think you went in a little hard here seeing as some of the most brilliant minds in the world can’t even figure it out. Maybe someday we’ll have someone with enough brains join up and figure it out, but until then it’ll remain unsolved all while surrounded by those that work for an agency that has intelligence in its name. Way to go, Jim.


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