STRANGEST Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery is an easy, albeit expensive way of correcting something that you don’t particularly like about yourself. A Rapidly growing industry, you may be surprised just WHAT procedures are out there.. From voice lifts to belly button alterations, here are some interesting plastic surgeries.

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6. Beard Transplant
Men who can not grow full beards are often left feeling embarrassed of their patchiness so they just end up shaving everything off. This can lead to low self-confidence and a lack of self-esteem. Fear no more as facial hair transplants are now a viable option for growing a thick lumberjack beard. The first ever beard transplant was performed back in 1996 by Uk Doctor Bessam Farjo by taking hair follicles from other parts of the body and sticking them right in the face. The hairs fall off after two weeks but will back in three months. Be wary though, as this procedure can cost upwards of up to $7,000.

5. Palm Line Alteration
It’s exactly what it sounds like. Palmistry is the art of predicting one’s future by reading the lines on one’s palm and the practice is surprisingly fairly popular in Japan. So popular, that certain individuals are going as far as changing the natural lines on their palms. They believe this will somehow end up changing their predetermined fate. The procedure is carried out by means of an electric scalpel that sears the skin and leaves a semi-permanent skin. This creates the illusion of acquiring “longer” lines. Men typically choose to lengthen their financial line and women their marriage line. A clinic in Japan will perform the surgery in less than 15 minutes for US$864.

4. Belly Button Alteration
There are two types of people out there. Those of us who have innies and those of us who have outie belly buttons. Most people in the world have innies, but there are those select few that do have outies. This is because when we’re born our umbilical cord gets severed and depending on if the doctor leaves too much or cuts off the right amount will determine if we get an innie or out. A lot of people with outies dislike their belly button so they may choose to undergo an umbilicoplasty that will turn their outie into an innie by removing the protruding skin of the navel. Or you could just have your entire belly button removed if you don’t care for it at all.

3. Double Eyelid Surgery
Not fairly common here in the western world, the double eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is extremely popular overseas in Taiwan and South Korea. The procedure is done in order to create a crease on an upper eyelid that does not naturally have one. Individuals of Asian descent are the typical candidates for double eyelid surgery as they have what is called a monolid. This is also partly due to the fact that western celebrity culture is deeply rooted in those countries. Why South Korea is the country that has more of these surgeries than anywhere else in the world per capita.

2. Eyelash Transplant
Speaking of eyes, did you know that eyelash transplants are an actual thing? Instead of constantly going out to buy false lashes and eyelash extensions, an eyelash transplant can be a more permanent solution. They’re really for anyone to get, but their introduction was specifically for someone who has experienced any sort of eyelash trauma. Whether that be from involuntary pulling or something as simple as having weak eyelashes, this type of transplant will make your lashes longer and thicker. Typically up to 100 hair follicles are implanted into each eyelid and they will never stop growing so you actually have to trim your eyelashes or they get unruly.

1. Prelamination
Individuals who have lost appendages due to trauma, disease and side effects from radiation treatment are suitable candidates for this process. It involves taking cartilage from the person’s rib where it’ll be reshaped into the new body part and constructing tissue into multiple layers. The entire ordeal can take anywhere up to 20 months as was the case with the woman who had an ear growing on her forearm after she lost hers to radiation treatment for skin cancer. After six surgeries in almost two years, Sherrie Walter had her new ear affixed to her head. Another similar case saw a man who grew a new nose on his forehead after he damaged his too much after a car accident.

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  1. I really love you.  I am a Turkom and I do not understand anything you share. Please translate your videos in Turkish subtitles

  2. jeez why not just have a whole body replacement by now. pluck your brain in a new body and bam all your problems are solved

  3. Dumb video w/ clickbait thumbnail… how is it strange to get eyelid surgery. Everyone knows about that. It's common in S. Korea where most of their people have mono-lids–DUH, other parts of Asia people have double lids of course the surgery is not as common.. n Botox and fillers are so common. Can't believe this was published just days ago.. what a stupid video. Give me back my 10 mins

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