Stanton Friedman bizarre ties to Carl Sagan and UFO Groups

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Written by Rene

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  1. A pity you interrupted Dr.Freidman when he was about to expose WHY project blue book was discontinued.

    Wasn't Einstein's "bent nothingness" hypothesis invalidated by the work of Dayton Miller who spent 40 years publishing the speed of the aether?

    The HYPOTHESIS that the stars are powered by nuclear fusion was a tentative stab at explaining where the energy of the sun came from.
    (The previous hypothesis was that it came from the burning of coal.)

    This nuclear fusion hypothesis is not supported by the data, but by "renormalization" (kludges).

    That the stars are powered by electric discharge is far more satisfying, and explains why there are only two confirmed true blackbody radiation sources, carbon black and the sun.

    Further, it explains the temperature inversion observed. (Sunspots are dark, they should be bright).
    Further, it explains why the solar winds accelerate away from the sun.
    It explains why a sun has gone supernova twice.

    Speculation: Could the aliens be using the cosmic magnetic fields associated with electric current for propulsion? Our new large radio telescopes should be able to map these highways.

    (BTW quasars have been observed IN FRONT OF nearby galaxies. So much for the magic redshift)

    The list of astrophysics' errors continues.

    It is my model that we are too far off the path of truth, and that is a feature, not a bug. The aliens don't want us flitting about the cosmos eating their kith and kin.
    The CIA does not have a monopoly on disinformation. No sir!

    Sources. The Thunderbolts project, YouTube.

    On mental models.
    Dr Iain McGilchrist.

    On the ultimate nature of reality
    Dr Tom Campbell.

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