Signing With Non-Dominant Hand Challenge | ASL

Signing With Non-Dominant Hand Challenge
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Rikki Poynter is a 26-year- old deaf vlogger on YouTube. She makes content about
deaf awareness, accessibility/closed captioning awareness, mental health,
feminism, and more.
Since making her first deaf related video on October 1st, 2014, Rikki has been on
the Huffington Post, Mic News, Upworthy, ABC News, BBC Newsbeat, BBC Ouch,
BBC See Hear, and other news outlets in various countries. Also, she has been
working on her new closed captioning campaign, #LIGHTSCAMERACAPTION, to
try to get more YouTubers to closed caption their videos. After hopefully one day
taking over YouTube, she wants to work on the rest of the Internet.

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Claremont, NC

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Written by Rene

Misanthrope, Olympian, Community Celebratoire , Angel Investor, Pantless Jogger. I have a car for each day of the month.


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  1. I'm a lefty when I write but when I learned how to fingerspell somebody told me you had to do it with your right hand so that's how I learned the alphabet! So I'm a bit slower fingerspelling with my left but have switched over to using it because it's my dominant hand for the rest of ASL…it's weird because I want to switch back and forth for what feels more natural but my ASL teacher told me to choose one XD

  2. I don't really sign because i am(officially) hearing(you know the story). But the few signs i do know, i sign with my right hand.

  3. I sign with my left hand. If I really try and concentrate I can sign with my right but if I let my concentration go for even a second, I will default to left without even thinking about it. I can finger spell ambidextrously though which is interesting.

  4. I sign with my right hand. When I try to use my left hand it just feels totally wrong! I want to do this challenge now though!

  5. I am still learning asl… But I'm a right handed signer as I have a birth defect on my left hand. When I began signing I thought that would make it difficult for others to understand me… It has not. I love your signing and your story. I am hog but with out my bone anchored hearing aid I am essentially deaf.

    Much love from maine

  6. I've been finger-spelling (FS)/my main signing hand is with my right hand. I also write with my right hand. I've been signing for about six or seven years.

  7. Hey Rikki!!, I sign left-handed and I also have a hard time understanding right-hand signers sometimes- as I get used to them its easier for sure! funny I write left and sign left, maybe its just you 😉 i kid, look forward to your stream later <3

  8. Thanks for doing it all in ASL! I had the captions on, but it helped me practice my ASL which is a bit rusty. I was surprised how much I could figure out without the captions 🙂

  9. I’m a lefty through and through and just now realized I have trouble signing my name with my right hand… since it’s reaaaally hard (ahem c-a-l-i, yup terribly difficult).

  10. My first ASL prof is a lefty so I read left handed signers better. I primarily sign right but I have a bad habit of signing one handed, and switching between both hands

  11. I'm a left handed signer, but I don't know enough ASL (or any other sign language) to use it to practice. Ironically, I am learning German. Ironically I'm also visually impaired and still want to learn ASL

  12. I'm right handed,(Although I open jars, walk my dog, with my left) and learning sign. I just tried w/ the ABC's lefty, and it felt weird. Especially the letter P!

  13. I’m left handed and I sign with my left hand. I’ve never seen a left hand signer, besides me, so I don’t know if I would be able to understand it but I can understand right hand signers

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