Oprah Winfrey Gets A Sign From God About 2020

‘A Wrinkle In Time’ star Oprah Winfrey gets some career advice from a slightly less famous figure: the Lord.

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Written by Rene

Misanthrope, Olympian, Community Celebratoire , Angel Investor, Pantless Jogger. I have a car for each day of the month.


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  1. All you idiots saying "no more celebrity politicians." A President is a figurehead, and his/her most important qualities are the ability to unite & inspire people, the ability to hire and LISTEN to the best, smartest experts in numerous areas, and an actual capacity for empathy/genuine desire to do what's best for everyone in the country. I honestly believe that the average soccer mom off the street would be a better President than most of the corrupt, soulless people who've been in that role. Oprah would have been great, and she actually has the ability to WIN (which is kind of important), but your holier-than-thou attitudes prevented her from running, and now we'll see whether our "career politician" 2020 candidate can beat the destructive force that is Trump.

    I'm all for hiring someone with years of political experience when specialization is required. For example, the Ambassador to North Korea should be an expert in that region! In this case I'm not convinced that it's necessary for someone to have ten years of experience manipulating people from a Congressional seat.

  2. She doesn't let her office chew gum because she is a leftist authoritarian. Plain and simple. It's not like she has any self reflection to know that it is her issue.. Nah she doesn't care about that.. she cares about "barring" it from work.

  3. No matter how hard time I have, but still listening to Oprah, her stunning laughs, watching her can change my mood 180 degree…

  4. Oprah to run for President? Forget about it…she will not even win as Mayor of Chicago. Wanna bet? Ask the African-American population of Chicago and they will tell you…"come on brother…Oprah? oohh…oohh…no way"!

  5. Oprah I want to give you a child to carry on your bloodline and I will raise them up good even when your long gone.

  6. Why are so many people on here saying how wonderful Oprah is when they don't even know her ? Oh right, they believe all the tv fakery. Gullible, gullible, gullible. Like children. Damn shame.

  7. Wow! Don't chew gum in front of Oprah. Here's a dictator. And mocking a Christian God like this. Not cool! I would never mock anyone's God.

  8. I hope a bullet cracks her scull, wide open, spilling her evil brains everywhere.
    I could NOT dispise another human being more than this self ritchous BITCH.

  9. The Late Freak Show with Soulless Puppets!! Oprah gets a sign from god?! You MUST BE JOKING, Jocker Colbert!!!

  10. OP RAH = toward the sun god soo there you go this guy calling himself Oprah is obviously selling tickets to hell, anyone buying in here ?

  11. I don't understand how its okay to mock someones beliefs mainly Christians . They dont mock any other belief but Christians and the Lord Jesus Christ it just disgusting

  12. Too bad this is a rerun for oprah murder and treason on table for oprah no run..for your cover up bullshit same with leslie idiots should of walked over oprah

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