Justin Bieber TRANSFORMS at Beyonce at Bizarre New Pic

Justin Bieber just introduced the world to his sister ‘Rachel Bieber,’ but she looks scarily similar to Beyonce! See the epic pic here!

Get ready, there’s a new Bieber in town! Justin Bieber took to Instagram on April 18 to share a photo of his never before seen sibling, and of course, fans are shook. The pic captioned, “Y’all need to meet my sister Rachel Bieber,” is of a curvy blonde woman with JB’s face. And come to find out, that body belongs to none other than Beyoncé. So funny, right? Going along with the joke, Justin’s friend Patrick Schwarzenegger commented, “Bruh set me up! Finally be brothers,” and we can’t think of a more epic response.

It’s clear Beyoncé’s Coachella performance was SO powerful that JB wanted to transform into her! Interestingly, Justin has been showing love to Bey for quite some time. If you recall, the “What Do You Mean” singer admitted he had a huge crush on Bey back in 2010. How cute! Nevertheless, this isn’t the first time JB posted a seriously edited photo. Just last month, Justin introduced fans to yet another one of his siblings. This time, it was his brother “Tony.” “It’s time I introduced you to my brother Tony Bieber,” Justin hilariously captioned a photo of himself with a blonde pony tail and a insanely stretched out noise. He’s got one strange sense of humor! But, we love it.

In addition to his many “siblings,” Justin has also introduced fans to his alter ego. Earlier today, the Biebs posted a photo of himself with Bella Thorne from Coachella captioned, “Meet SYLARK TYLARK (my alter ego).” And now that we think of it, maybe Beyoncé really is his sister. As many of you may know, Beyoncé also has an alter ego called Sasha Fierce. What a coincidence!

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  1. "Everyone needs to meet my sister Rachel Bieber," is a curvy blonde woman with JB's face. And come and discover that that body belongs to none other than Beyoncé. Very funny, right?

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