Jungyeon doesn’t shy away from smiling for photos in her bare face!

Jungyeon doesn’t shy away from smiling for photos in her bare face!
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Written by Rene

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  1. You know it's funny, I bet if those people who diss Jeongyeon about her bare face, had to put on all the make up in the world, still wouldn't compare to the natural beauty she has. They need to get a life.

  2. Some of the comments are ridiculous. Knetz can be so shallow, Jeongie is an angel.

  3. Wow korean and latin culture is so different , here lf you ask mens they will say they prefer a natural beauty , when you put less make up you are more beautiful , i dosent have anythibg against the make up but why they need to be soo mean and try to bring down the self security that every woman need to have , she love herself and she is fine with her look without make up , k net are like trolls , they love the fake things and always so hateful

  4. 0:10 For some reason she reminded me of Suzy in the first episodes of While You Were Sleeping when she had short hair.

  5. She looks SOOOOO good with that hair color! Some of the comments are so rude, wtf

  6. God damn people, wtf are people so judgmental about her bare face. I wonder how all the haters look bare face.

  7. i don't care about the others opinions about jeong's bare face…i love her either way

  8. Jungyeon have the beauty and confidence that all of them wish to have LOL they are jelly and want to break her self esteem

  9. She. Doesn't. Even. Look. Bad. At. All.
    Also, that was 1 of the worst shots of her bare face.. there are other shots where by she looks better.
    What. Nonsense. Shaninigans. Is. This.

  10. I dont care what she look like i still love her. She is beautiful outside and inside. And doesnt matter what others say. And im just saying but please respect jeongyeon its not like she is some kind of robot , she is a human too like us she is not 100% perfect okay. Even jeongyeon is not scared to be outside with her bare face.

  11. you know those people dissing Jeongyeon? they probably live their whole life afraid of being seen bare face, I pity them more than hating. For me, you hate someone either because you envy them or you feel a strong sense of similarities about yourself that you hate.

  12. Jeongyeon looks so gorgeous even without make up. She deserves so much love and attention. She's amazing. She's an angel.

  13. Sungong is considered a very pretty boy, that netizen was on her side. It's good, and honestly praise worthy that she takes pride in herself regardless of Makeup.

  14. Those round glasses don’t suit her which I think is why some comments say there’s a big difference. It makes her nose look rounder because it’s small and we Asians don’t have prominent nose bridges-and the nose is the center of the face

    She is gorgeous, nonetheless

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