Is Dear David REAL?! VIRAL Ghost Story Theories!


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HEY MY LOOOVES how are you today!? I’m so excited to be sharing with you these Dear David theories I have from the viral twitter thread. Thank you guys so much for watching and until next time… ILYSM!

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  1. I do not agree with the theory of the girl at 6:42. I have read about this case of " The Boy in The Box". As stated in many sources, the boy has signs of being abused. Before death, he was put in the water for a long time ( probably having a bath before death). I do not think that there is a bathtub inside the factory for the boy to be submerged in. There are crazy theory of the boy was bought into sexual slavery. It is a very interesting case. A woman even came forward and stated that her mother bought the boy to be a sexual slave . He mother putted the boy in the basement. Her statement was not taken seriously because she has some mental disease. The details to her story was eerily matched with the information of the autopsy of the boy in the box though. But again, I do not know how much information was released to the public by the time the woman came forward with her story.

  2. I feel like if the story somehow does end up to be about Adam going crazy that he would write more about himself than he does. Like if the main focus was him then I feel like he would include more of his emotion in the story rather than just talking about David specifically but idk I could be completely wrong

  3. My guinea pig loved when I listened to music. She’d head butt my hand and squeak away. I love that you have a menagerie of pets.

  4. Everyday I come home from school and I go on YouTube and see that you posted. I literally get so happy and click so fast! I love to hear these stories! You are my favorite YouTuber to do these! ❤️

  5. Hi loey em look I think its fake in your last dear David update Adam said that David crawled to him but in the picture he is walking lysfm

  6. Okay…so this is weird, but if it is fictional it makes some sense being how the minds of writers work. The meaning of the name David is beloved….which happens to be a synonym for dear, giving us the redundant name of beloved beloved or let's just use dear beloved….a very common biblical phrase, I didn't think much of that until I saw that both Adam and Ellis are of biblical origin as well. I have no idea if any of this means anything, but it was an interesting connection.

  7. So i've watched enough crime videos to recognize the pics.. is this the boy in the box? (Haven't watched the video yet)

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