Investigating Dear David

Tonight we dive deeper into the Dear David story

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Written by Rene

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  1. Not to be a buzz kill or anything, but even before the supposed pics of David were shown, it was obvious that the entire story is fake. Why, you ask? Because there's absolutely no such thing as ghosts.The very moment that you die, your brain undergoes a fairly complex chemical process that results in your cells essentially fizzing out. Once the process is complete, everything that makes you you, simply ceases to exist. No afterlife, no becoming a ghost lol… you're just gone.

    There's not a single piece of credible evidence out there that suggests that ghosts, demons, whatever are real; and what "evidence" does exist, can be debunked via a variety of methods.

  2. Cliffhanger? Hahaha .There are so much in wuxia novels and anime that I just have the feeling to shout at the author/creators

  3. hi, i dont know if youll see this or not, but i'll give it a shot i guess. theres an account on iFunny called 250250250. they post a lot of codes on there and there seems to be a story behind it all. i was wondering if maybe youd be interested in checking it out?

  4. As someone who detests his buzzfeed comics, Dear David is my favourite thing Adam Ellis ever created. Thank god he left that company and started seriously improving.

  5. I find it funny how most of the comments on Adam's social media posts recently are "on the top left!" When it comes to photos or something like "holy shit you're possessed" when it comes to his Twitter posts. Like when he posted he quit his job or when he posted saying
    "everything is fine" and everyone freaked out saying that Adam always capitalizes the beginning of a tweet and that the double space was a sign. Very interesting.

  6. I've never heard of these "Dear David" stories. Neat! Now I wanna go check it all out. I'm a healthy skeptic, so I probably won't believe it to be true, but it sounds like a really cool concept.

  7. it would be really cool if it turned out to be real, but i know thats probably not the case. Great story regardless!

  8. Even if it is a hoax, its still really awesome and you could tell how much time this guy spent doing all this

  9. So how exactly has Reignbot come to the conclusion this was a hoax? I feel like you sort of touched on a photo or two that might have been tampered with but you're basically saying the bloke was a good story teller because he worked for Buzzfeed?

    I think you need to explain yourself and your reasons much clearer because some feel your opinion (which counts btw) was a bit hazy.

  10. Okay I love a good story and all and I don't know if it's fake or not. It seems pretty legit from all the videos and pictures (don't attack me for this) but it gets really annoying for me when there's a thread like that and everyone immediately says it's fake. It takes away from horror of it, well for me at least. It could be real or it could be fake. It also annoys me when people want to prove it's fake by tearing the story apart like checking to see if the pictures are photoshopped. Can we just let it be a story and not ruin it? I'm not directing this towards you Reignbot I absolutely love your videos but I'm directing everyone in the comments. Let the story be. Let it do what's it's supposed to do and enjoy it and don't attack anyone who believes it's real. They'll figure it out on their own eventually

  11. He’s not helping with the fact that there may be actual true stories if he is faking it. It’s hoaxes like this that muddy the waters.

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