If It Were Not Captured, No One Would Believe It

If It Were Not Captured, No One Would Believe It

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Recently, boredpanda asked you to send us your most unbelievable “Pics Or It Didn’t Happen” moments that you actually captured on camera, and your submissions certainly didn’t disappoint us. Inspired by your response, Bored Panda is bringing you more photos that perfectly backed up the most improbable stories to completely shut down the nonbelievers.

From Johnny Depp playing in a wedding band in 1982 to a car cramped in a balcony on the fifth floor, these images prove that sometimes you have to give the benefit of the doubt to the crazy stories you read on the internet.

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Written by Rene

Misanthrope, Olympian, Community Celebratoire , Angel Investor, Pantless Jogger. I have a car for each day of the month.


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  1. Thumbnail: the telegraph pole is being held up by the power lines. I think, because the telegraph pole is very heavy, I'm not too sure if the power lines could hold it.

  2. you missed the one where there were two koalas (dropbears if you are unsure) that were fighting in the middle of the street a couple weeks ago.

  3. I hate how you take fucking credit of these images and say they all happened to you or someone you know, it actually pisses me off. One photo you are a guy and have brown hair next you are a girl with black hair, it is sooooo fucking obvious. Why cant you just try to find the original poster and credit them. Like fucking seriously.

  4. #5 I have go at this place last year. It really look like the pregnant woman. It has a lot of legend story about it.

  5. I dont get the one with the guy and a headache and the girlfriend says dont move. I dont see anything that is unusual. Yes I see a what…and number 38 I dont get.

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Guy Travels To Meet His Long Distance Girlfriend Illustrates Every Moment Of It

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