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Hayrettin is a London-based Ebru Artist and workshop leader who offers workshops and courses to people interested in this fantastic skill. Ebru Art is performed using aqueous natural pigments mixed with ox-gall in a rectangular trough filled with thickened water, traditionally prepared using Gum Tragacanth. Colours are sprinkled using brushes made of rose stalks and horsehair on the surface of the thickened water in the trough. The floating pattern is imprinted on paper after being reshaped and retouched using pins, needles and combs.

Hayrettin has worked in collaboration with communities, schools and hospitals. He has regularly offered classes and workshops in the Turkish Education Group, London. Ebru has proved therapeutic for many and is accessible to all regardless of skill level.

More than a simple craft, it is an expression of the knowledge, history and mysticism acquired from a deep artistic and cultural journey. In 2014, Ebru was listed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Ebru is a totally accessible art form. Without any previous experience or skill, participants can create wonderful pieces of art to take home and display as a memory of their day.

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