David Harbour: Season 1 of ‘Stranger Things’ Was ‘The Most Miserable Time in My Life’

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Written by Rene

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  1. two law enforcement officers investigating small town supernatural occurrences sit down nd have a lil chat

  2. Amazing actor, he really did present a deal character that others couldn't. Pull off and now he is going to be hell boy.

  3. i dont think he'll ever see this, but… i'm so thankful he did what he did for us. fans of the series gained so much from how hard this was for him. props.

  4. Wait i dont get it, did he sit in his house on purpose to make himself feel more like hopper? Or was he really just depressed?

  5. Perhaps participating in the anti Trump propaganda as if you were a very famous actor was dumb and pretentious. You're not such a good actor and you got lucky for a role in a mediocre TV series for teenagers. After Strangers Things you'll be back to the vaccum of your failed actor's career.

  6. David Harbour seems like one of the most down to earth men in acting. I just enjoy watching his work and I don’t really say that about a lot of people. I like his openness as well because he’s not trying to portray something he’s not. He’s very genuine.

  7. Wow every single thing he said resonated so deeply with me, i lowkey gasped for air loool especially when he said he felt deeply insecure around his friend because he thought he wasn't interesting enough therefore nothing he had to say was meaningful which made him feel like he was wasting everybody's time by saying anything. i mean i felt that mehn, am currently going through that now, its like i'm afraid of people in a way, can anybody help me with ways to stop this??

  8. lol, sitting alone for 6 months? that wasn't acting, this guy is so pissed about Crooked Hillary losing he didn't have to act miserable rofl.

  9. If the Shining had a remake (I know about the sequel) and needed a Jack ASAP; he’s who I’d call

  10. "I was at Starbucks and like, they totally misspelled David" – David Harbour's second most miserable time in his life.

  11. I 100% empathize with his words (probably on a much smaller scale since I don't live in a kind of spotlight that he lives in). But his transparency is very cool.

  12. Did he put himself in that situation to get even more into character? Or just because he was alone? I understand his message, but I'm confused on where it came from – if that makes sense

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