BIZARRE of D12 said what a lot of people have been saying about Joe Budden for years. Bizarre says Joe is bipolar, disloyal and would diss his own momma for some likes LOL.


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Written by Rene

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  1. Instead of creating another video on this, I will leave my 2 cents here:

    I've noticed a few people go for the easy angle on this story:
    1) Bizarre is mad that Joe gave an "honest" opinion about Eminem's album
    2) No one is allowed to criticize the white rapper

    Both of these angles are easy and make for quick videos to get views. No one is bothering to ask, WHY did Joe Budden all of a sudden stop tea bagging Eminem on Everyday Struggle? We all saw that there were two artists Joe refused to speak on and they were Jay Z and Eminem. On the day Joe finally decided to be say something negative about Eminem, he also did a video saying there would be no Slaughter House record. So, I commented "Oh that is why he finally said something about eminem". Now, that I see how everything played out with the show, it confirms my thoughts. At this time, Charlamagne was whispering sweet Diddy nothings into Joe's ears. Joe had in his head that he would jump from Eminem's lap to Diddy's lap. So, now he felt comfortable about going off on Eminem. That is some punk shit. That is what Bizarre was speaking about with loyalty. There is a way to do things. Even Mase said that he said some stuff he shouldn't have said about Diddy. Mase didn't say he didn't tell the truth, but he shouldn't have went about it that way. Joe could have been honest about EM's music but did it in a different way since Eminem took a chance, that failed, on his forced into retirement ass.

    Also, you whiney Joe Budden fans, always whine when someone goes at Joe. He is not the only one allowed to have a fuck'n opinon.

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