Beach fishing: Strangest way to eat fish?

We are at the beach fishing for dinner. Beach fishing goes great with some fried fish.The way we cook it maybe strange to alot of people, but this is just how I grew up eating smaller fish. We brought a portable butane stove and a pot to cook us up a couple of fish for dinner right on the beach. Check out how we do our catch and cook and let us know if you have ever tried cooking the fish the same way?


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Written by Rene

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  1. Tey good catch there Senko Skipper.  The real broth is in the bones.   It is easy to make your own salted bait.  I did it with shrimp once.  Just layer it in a bottle with small shrimp (shelled not de-veined) and sea salt and cover the bottle and let it sit out for a week.  That's it.  The salt will change color and what you will have left inside is rubbery stiff shrimps that are well preserved.   Good Luck.

  2. Old bay is AMAZING ! I even put old bay in my ramen noodles. Check out my vids on catch n cook for the catfish. I go through so much old bay

  3. Love Old Bay!  Use it on all my fish.  Just can't find it here in Canada, so I buy the large tin when I go to the US.  Last a long time.

  4. Many countries in the Caribbean and South America eat fried fish. Next time please try sea salt rather than Old Bay. I am hungry!

  5. I caught some snapper and cooked it up like this. I took the gills out though. Add some cornstarch to make it even more crunchy.

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