5 Strangest Historical Mysteries That Will Baffle You!

5 Strangest Historical Mysteries That Will Baffle You!



5.The ghost ship
4.Perverse nuns
3.Mummified hand
2. ??
1. ????

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  1. The current theory of the Mary Celeste is that some of the alcohol leached through the wood barrels as vapor. The crew smelled the vapor and abandoned ship because they thought the ship was going to explode. The vapor did in fact ignite (there are telltale signs that were present when the ship was examined), but there was no real damage. The explanation for the missing crew is that the ship was found still under sail. The belief is that the crew, upon realizing the ship was in no real danger, were unable to catch up to ship in row boats, and having no way to navigate since all their gear was still on the ship, eventually died at sea.

  2. There are pictures of the stones in 1800's & they were not in straight lines. They were straightened out & moved around at that time in order to use more pasture land. They used way more land back then because they were all over the place. Like Stonehenge. There are pictures showing men moving the stones there around also.

  3. just for those who are interested: in the past, corpses were often buried upside down, because people were afraid of undead! they thought, if they burie them upside down, the dead would not be able to get out of their grave and burie themself deeper into the earth instead.

  4. Sex was the least of the sins of the Catholic Church during the middle ages… But they justify their crimes with "God told us to"

  5. I was hoping that this would be interesting… Instead it was incredibly boring and not new…. And heavily Christian based.

  6. "the devil's footprints" is made by an animal…….
    Dumbass superstitious idiotic "christians"

  7. This is click bait! None of the videos presented here are as interesting as the videos advertisement of the Egyptian hieroglyph or wall drawing with the penis doing….whatever that is! It looked like some kind of mysterious procreation schematic! ??

  8. Fuck your click bait. I find almost all of your videos misinforming, you are just poluting the internet. you should spend a he'll of a lot more time on your knowledge

  9. The narrator said that the stones were perfectly aligned if that’s the case I need new glasses as looking down the line they have huge curves

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