5 SCARIEST Youtubers Encountered On Camera…


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Narrated By: Ty Notts
Music: COAG

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Written by Rene

Misanthrope, Olympian, Community Celebratoire , Angel Investor, Pantless Jogger. I have a car for each day of the month.


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  1. Number 2-Burger King Foot Lettuce… I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Don’t hate me, it’s a compulsion for me.

  2. The last one, I hope it is not lost on anybody that he blocks the camera with his hand before the door opens enough for us to see if there is a person on the other side.

  3. In the second one the tv was on, for it to be more credible he should have had the tv off. Now I can’t tell if it was disembodied voices or just the tv.

  4. 1- That man was lying. The whole chair moving by itself is one of the olest tricks in the book Especially if the chair's legs are out of frame!
    2-Huff was debunked last year
    3- That guy is a nutjob. & the car's fan is on. Some fans turn off latr after U get out.
    4-BucketlistBoys RUN? after seeing a tricycle move "on it's own?" Not a genuine reaction?

  5. 1st guy… #5 I suspect string pulls. I am not convinced.
    #4 TV was playing, could explain some of the audio.
    #3 air freshener…. there are solar-powered flowers in some models of cars that dance in the sunlight. We have used components in science class to create a "haunted" paper doll to dance in a windowsill.
    #2 Bucket list guys….definitely either a prank or great click bait material.
    #1 I suspect a string pull on the door also

  6. Why did he cover the camera when he opened the closet door? makes me think this is a hoax. there is absolutely No reason why he would cover the camera while trying to capture it? so why did he cover it? because he is hiding something he doesn't want the camera to pick up.

  7. 1 and 2 are fake. If there really was something peering in from the door, why not leave the kitchen light on? Why keep turning it off? Plus, I would have left that door open. lol As for those the second video, their acting was just super bad. Needs more practice.

  8. #3 That Prius might has equipped with the automatic air conditioning system. This option is in higher grade of Prius. it uses electric from battery and solar cell on the roof to keep air condition running no need the engine to be started.
    Other stories are all spooky especially #1

  9. I'll probably get hate for this but the first video (the video with with the chair) I believe is fake. I was always told that if, in paranormal videos you can't see a part of the screen (ie the bottom part) then there's a possibility that they can hide equipment (Like string) in said hidden area to make objects move, and it still appear like a "ghost" is doing it.

  10. Number 3 is probably REAL easy to explain, if you're familiar with radiometers (white / black on a needle inside a vacuum tube) simply from sunlight will begin spinning. Much like that, the white colored air freshener against the backdrop of a dark colored dashboard in an airtight enclosure and plenty of sunlight. Simple.

  11. I’m used to seeing channels post list videos that have been covered by other YouTubers, but I’ve yet to see one actually use the direct footage from another like you guys did with the Chills clip. Come on: surely there must have been SOME filler that would have sufficed without blatantly taking one from another list channel (Chills obviously managed 15).

  12. number 1 is so fake lol. is there any reason why he wouldnt leave the light on and is there any reason he intentionally covered cameras lens?

  13. Cory’s Son ! For those of us in the know it’s a common occurrence that an Evil Entity,Demon,Spirit whatever you want to call them,are able to attach themselves to a simple piece of furniture,or simply follow you,and torment you ! – if you wish to rid yourself of them simply say a prayer out loud,but you must say it right otherwise it will not stop ! – if you don’t know how to say the prayer correctly ? – write me back,and I’ll tell you exactly how ! ! !

  14. 5. String
    4. TV
    3. Humidity air (vent still open inside)
    2. Accomplice or homeless living there
    1. After Effects

  15. When I was a kid, before cell phones were everywhere and pagers ruled haha, I remember my my mom and I had come home one day and she turned off the truck, it was an s 10 single cab, and the radio was off as well but I heard talking so I shhhhh her and we were just looking at each other hearing 2 people like talk but in creepy voices, she got mad saying stop playing around and I'm like it's not a prank, almost pissed myself haha

  16. That Prius looks like it is one of the units that had the solar panels on the roof, for air circulation when the inside got hot and was fully automatic, which would cause air flow within the cab…Solved.

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