5 Best And 5 Worst Things In Deadpool 2

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It’s safe to say that Deadpool 2 has comfortably avoided sequelitis, with many standout moments even surpassing the the first. Nevertheless, this hugely entertaining “family film” with a twist is not without a few small flaws. So buckle up and check the weather forecast, because we’re jumping into gale force winds to present the five best, and the five worst, things in Deadpool 2. Spoilers ahead…

Best: A perfect X-Force | 0:22
Worst: No long-shot action | 0:56
Best: Domino’s luck | 1:33
Worst: An under-utilized supporting cast | 2:12
Best: Hilarious cameos | 2:46
Worst: X-Force Xed out | 4:04
Best: LGBTQ representation | 4:49
Worst: No true supervillain | 5:21
Best: Mid-credits scenes | 6:00
Worst: Missed opportunities | 7:09

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  1. Another missed opportunity was making Vanessa into Death. DP has a romantic relationship with Death in the comics and killing Vanessa plus the subsequent afterlife scenes are mirroring that relationship. It’s not a problem that they killed her off, but they didn’t go that extra mile and make her spectacular as Death, opening up for loads of story possibilities.

  2. All the things you disliked were some of the best parts. The romance element was always a terrible, unnecessary, inclusion. It holds Deadpool back and humanizes him too much. He was never supposed to be a typical hero with an edge, he is supposed to be insane; the more unhinged (in a goofy way), the better. The X-Force twist was one of the best jokes in the entire series. It was also a brilliant bait-and-switch. Lastly, not having a hyper typical "supervillain" is not a problem. Look at the heaps of Marvel films that have dumb, awful super villains and tell me it would be a good idea to ram one into this movie.

  3. I actually think it's great that Deadpool 2 didn't have a grand villain. In a lot of his stories, he never really had grand villains, it's really just him escalating the situation completely out of proportion and then spends the rest of the time trying to fix it, or escalating it even more. Remember when he kills Peter Parker? brings him back to life just to kill him again? And then had to go to the underworld and ask lady Death to bring Peter back to life? he himself, is the biggest villain.

  4. They made Domino a villain, that and black, those are two things that don't go with Domino… (killing off drivers with no reason makes somebody a villain)

  5. Worst: LGBT romance!
    I mean, sick and tired of this getting shoved up our throats! Anywhere! All the time!

  6. Sorry, I personally was not a huge fan of 2. The action scenes were awesome, the overreaching story was great (didn't mind the whole idea of no concrete villain, though you could argue that the villain was more the concept of not letting horrible acts of others define you, but w/e), but it's like there were huge disconnects in between everything, and it didn't flow very well because of that. The credit scenes were definitely a high point though.

  7. LGBTQ representation if fine as long as its not a run away train like it is in the comics, where good story's and action take a backseat.

  8. Negasonic and Yukio were useless though. Yeah I appreciate the representation, but they did nothing. Also the multiple villain thing was fucking brilliant.

  9. For me personally, while I adore Venessa, it was kind of important for her to die, and the role she played is a freaking major one – she's his conscious, his good morality – she leadshim, even in death, to do the right thing.

    It's not the amount of screen time you have, it's what you do with it that counts. They can't really be in the action-y scenes, but shen they're around, they help ground DP and humanize him more.

    The X-Force being obliterated so quickly is poking fun at the fact that super heroes literally never die… like, ever. I though it was hilarious the way they built up all this tension for Deadpool to lead this great team… all for his mistake (going out even though he was warned of the high winds) costing all all of their lives (except Domino). It just shows his mentally unstable/head in the clouds when it comes to other's mortality. At that time, he wasn't ready to be on/lead a team… and that fact changes as the movie progresses.

    Deadpool doesn't do "big bad guys" though, that's just not his style – he doesn't care for the "take over the world" shemers…

  10. I was disappointed by the X force dying mainly for one reason, Terry Crews. Also, I do not like build up with no pay off. I get what they were going for, but I did not like it.

  11. WOW
    -said no one ever unless they were pandering

  12. the lgbt representation was not one of the best things about the movie and if you go down this path the toxic nature of identity politics will destroy this franchise.

  13. "Best: LGBTQ representation."

    Am I the only one who cringed at this? Seriously, if this is one of the things that made the movie good, you're trying too hard to impress people.

  14. Suddenly pansexual Deadpool? Dude Deadpool has basically always been very much pansexual in the comics, not really fully stated but like COME ON. He met THOR and straight up said “I really find you attractive” and plus openly flirts with all genders in every profession. As long as they are old enough, and it isn’t a situation that would hurt the other emotionally, like a suicidal person or a sexually abused person cause if you know Deadpool you know he’s a victim of some messed up stuff as a kid

  15. I sorry but I don't find the lgbtqsiv x2 thing a "great" thing in the movie. Nor is a worst. But rather a common place item thrown i n just to bring in more crowd diversity. Sad that people couldn't just come to deadpool 2 for deadpool 2.

  16. You were doing good, then you got it all backwards. X-force untimely demise was easily the best and funniest scene in the movie juxtaposed against T.J. Miller's "beware of his amazing super team". It was the perfect use of splatstick humor. The "diversity" was pointless tokenism and Yukio was exoticised. No true villain (Juggy battle was the third act in case you missed it…) made the film a character focussed story arc about human nature and uses a moral gray lense to inspect the good and evil in all of us. Honestly you are terrible.

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