5 Best And 5 Worst Things About Avengers: Infinity War

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The biggest superhero team-up of all time — for now — has finally dropped. Avengers: Infinity War is the payoff of ten years of storytelling done over the course of nearly 20 films. The movie follows the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and a smattering of other superheroes as they take on the Mad Titan, Thanos, who seeks to assemble the Infinity Gauntlet with the intent of wiping out half of all life in existence. That obviously doesn’t bode well for, uh, existence — so heroes from all across the Marvel Cinematic Universe have to step up and do everything they can to stop him. The film is a funny, action-packed, and ultimately bittersweet romp that somehow pulls off the ambitious balancing act it sets out to accomplish. By the time it ends, our heroes and the universe they inhabit have been forever changed. It isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty damn near close. Obviously, watch out for some heavy duty spoilers, because we’re going to ruin this movie’s plot twists like Thanos ruined — well, you’ll see. These are the five best and five worst things about Avengers: Infinity War…

Best: Hulk meets his match | 0:57
Worst: A bad perspective | 2:06
Best: The brightest light | 3:07
Worst: A fatal fit of mischief | 4:01
Best: Anti-hero | 4:39
Worst: They’ll be back | 5:22
Best: Let it breathe | 6:28
Worst: Cap it off | 7:18
Best: Sticking the landing | 8:05
Worst: Accent amnesia | 9:04

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  1. Hate to be that girl but I wasn’t too keen on this movie for the ending was kind of boring and didn’t do what it was supposed to do it didn’t set up a epic start your next film

  2. It's frustrating how no one is talking about ebony maw.. He is mostly shown in the movie as a telekinetic while we know that his main power is manipulation.. I went to the movie excited about it only to return disappointed.. The portrayal of black order is also shitty at times.. Maw seems more of a leader than Corvus glaive, who along side proxima only get their asses beat.. Everybody is so focused on the dead heroes and thanos ffs guys concentrate on black order too

  3. The thing about Captain America is that those movies are shown all around the world and most of the money is made outside the USA, I think that why they got rid of the costume and simply call him Cap, the name Captain America doesn't reflect this era we live in, yeah , because of the word ..America

  4. Bro wtf why did black panther die they just made a movie on him and he's the only black hero that was important then they killed him off (Not being racist) but he literally just got his own movie

  5. if Loki really is a goner, we can’t help but wish he’d gone out a little different…

  6. Thor is definitely not the stand out character of Infinity War. Thanos is with out a doubt the protagonist and focal point of the film.

  7. Best:
    Star Lord: Where is Gamora?
    Tony Stark: I’ll do you better, Who is Gamora?
    Drax: I’ll do you better, Why is Gamora?

    Spider-Man: I don’t want to go
    Tony Stark: You will be ok
    **Spiderman turns into dust**

  8. Coming from someone who hasn't been impressed with marvel for a little while, this movie was amazing and there really weren't any worst parts or even bad parts in my opinion. I loved this movie from start to finish and if marvel works to make their other movies as serious, and well made as this one, I'll definitely be thrilled with marvel because this was a masterpiece.

  9. Loki: "Oh shit Thanos already has the fucking power stone and space stone…."
    Guess I'm gonna stab him with a tiny dagger

  10. Thanos is so much weaker in the movie. In the comics, he even more powerful without the gauntlet than with the gauntlet in the movie

  11. I dont think Loki is dead.. I mean he is the god of mischief. and he has "died" several times before, and I doubt Loki is stupid enough to try and kill Thanos with a knife I think it was one of his tricks

  12. I love it that Drax had a superpower all the time but didnt show it! ^^ Easily the best CGI I've ever seen!!!

  13. I disagree with everybody who thinks Loki’s death was wasted. Killing him and Heimdall within the first 10 minutes really shows that the stakes are high and that you’re in for a serious movie. It also shows how strong Thanos is and how smart he is. Don’t worry though, he will be back.

  14. For me A:IW is nothing better than Transformers… I am bored of those rollercoaster movies. It's just like a McDonald's Hamburger… Cinema Junkfood…
    And don't you dare to turn on your brain.
    Civil War was soooo much better, Guardians works pretty well as a comedy and Ragnarok was an amazing music video… but when it comes to the MCU team-ups it's gettin just too much of a good thing. I hope the series will end soon… so hollywood has some space for actual good movies again.

  15. 'The Winter Soldier', 'Civil War', now 'Infinity War'; what those Russo brothers do best is the character moments. While the action and narratives in their movies are good, they give the actors real opportunities to build the more human periods. Except for 'Black Panther', the brothers' skill at establishing character and relationships, in these movies, is unsurpassed.

  16. The best parts were Gamora’s sacrifice, Wanda’s sacrifice of the one she loves (the only one who hasn’t died yet) and Peter’s death.

  17. I never noticed the gradual loss of accent in Scarlet Witch… Then again I watched the German synchronization at the theaters just yesterday and she still had a thick accent in that version… I did notice a slight difference in Civil War but I honestly didn't think into it too much XD Maybe you're being a bit picky on that part. I understand that such things may bother some people but to put it among the Top 5 worst aspects in the movie is a little over the top, don't you think? Either that or the movie is just so awesome that such minor details are already the worst parts ;D

  18. do the original avengers members survive, i didnt watch the movie, so did hulk, thor, hawkeye , widow, captain, and survive the movie

  19. It was confirmed that Natasha helped Wanda with her accent ( so she could hide easier)

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