10 Things That Would Happen if the United States Went Bankrupt

The specter of the American government declaring bankruptcy gets trotted out particularly often any time there’s a change in the majority party. Because we’ve been told for decades what a large, scary number America’s National Debt is, the populus fears that the time when it causes another Depression could come at any time. It couldn’t even be said to catch us by surprise, since there were many alarmists that would be able to tell us that they told us so.

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10. Massive Shortages Across the Board
9. Banks Will Empty Out
8. Chinese Currency Will Collapse Too
7. Barter Economies Will Be Ready
6. Selling Off Public Property
5. Many Will Be Driven from Their Homes
4. Bond Lawsuits
3. Demanding Money from the World Bank
2. Get Away With Not Paying All Debts
1. Massive Increases in Violent Crime

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Written by Rene

Misanthrope, Olympian, Community Celebratoire , Angel Investor, Pantless Jogger. I have a car for each day of the month.


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  1. "if" and "went" in the title are redundant. For every so called "country", we don't have lawful states any more, they are all (bankrupt) corporations. At least on liquidity, while they manage our property for their and banksters benefit. If a state/governement/municipality/whatever works by pledging people's property (work included, in fact, making most of us legal slaves through debt, by our own ignorance and not distinguishing between laws and corporate legal filth we call legislation) for credit AND INTEREST to the banksters, it's an organized crime syndicate corporation, not a lawful state and not in service of the people.

  2. 3:50 In 1999, the Chinese tasked 2 PLA Colonels with finding a way to defeat a technology superior America. They wrote a book "Unrestricted Warfare" which, as one of it's options, includes bankrupting America. The Chinese have been secretly hoarding gold for many years and are estimated to have 30,000 tons to back their currency. The Chinese have also been feverishly trying to create SDRs (Strategic Drawing Rights) to enable them to break the US dollars economic stranglehold as the world's reserve currency for trading.

  3. I so hope the usa collapses(just with no damage done to the historic buildings works of art artifacts historic cars or wildlife) the loss of humans is no big deal especially Americans

  4. You should do a video on the bankruptcy of 1933. It's a very fascinating story once you get into the details of what actually happened.

  5. How boring. No imagination. Just copying less serious cases. Putting a greedy ad in the middle too. Lazy parasites.

  6. Dear Simon,
    As long as the people of the USA retain their arms, violent crime and economic hardship would be an intercity disaster. Rural communities would have more barter and internal trade, as well as resistance to centralized authority. An armed citizenry that has been betrayed by the central government would likely respond in an atypical manner.

    You can't compare Greece and Argentina to the USA. USA society would split on the Blue/Red lines and Democratic Dictatorship zones would wither and die. It would be brutal. See John Ringo's "The Centurian' for insight.

  7. What would happen to all those countries that peg their currency to the US dollar and to those that use US dollars for their currency?

  8. It's almost forgivable because this channel and staff are based outside of the US, but it is not good to use as a source at all. That is a highly political website within America. There is a lot of great reliable bits to read there, but it is not a site to directly cite neutral content from. Using material from Reason or other similar political publications will turn some Americans off regardless of what validated info is derived.

  9. One sorry day, the charade/ponzi scene/Federal Reserve will, not might, collapse. When it does, it will be global. Get used to eating rats and pigeons. If you don't have access to potable water, at least you won't suffer, too much.

  10. The US debt is denominated in US dollars, and the US creates those by fiat, so it can't go bankrupt like Puerto Rico. What could happen is no one wanting to buy treasury bonds which are used to finance the debt. That would still be ugly as it would require a massive realignment in government spending.

  11. I believe it would be worse as all other global currency’s backed up by the us dolla which used to be backed by gold but now is not

  12. Thank you for giving all the reasons as to why money if fake. It also shows why the fake system is starting to fall. Digital systems of currency's will fail to because it is also fake.

  13. One benefit of a bankruptcy would be them being less arrogant. Dipshits tried to force Mexico to pay for a wall Mexico didn't even want. Yeah, it was their moronic president that wanted that but guess what, he's your elected president and outwardly he speaks for the nation.

  14. you missed the fact that the Fed gov owns about 70% of the land in USA, Fed Gov has trillions in real estate, oil rights, mining rights to sell. USA bought Alaska from Russia for $35 Million and nobody got hurt. USA can sell AK to China for $3.5 trillion, give every US citizen living in AK, $1million to sell their home and move to mainland USA. We can sell our military bases, etc. We don't need an airforce base in England, a base in Italy, an army base in Germany, etc. Calm down.

  15. Can this fraud do ONE SINGLE VIDEO WITHOUT those bandwagon-jumping, phony, elaborately veiled, pseudointellectual, virtue signaling snipes at America???

    Mr. Mucous here must have and incredibly miniscule willie to be so insecure he needs to take those fake news cheap shots dressed in the false wig of insincere cosmopolitan, sophisticated elitism.

  16. How to survive the worldwide starvation crisis caused by Peak Oil;

    "What can I do"?

    According to the experts you should:
    1. Garden with sustainable agriculture techniques (less pesticides and fertilizer (organic or better yet permaculture)).
    2. Buy food and manufactured goods made locally
    3. Pay down debt
    4. Learn skills they will be useful in the future and make friends that have useful skills you don't have (related to providing food, water, shelter, and medical care. A necessary skill is organic/permaculture gardening/farming). Very important: medical plant and medical skills are the best way to ensure your survival. All others will gladly sacrifice their life to protect your life, so you are around to use your medical knowledge to keep their families alive.
    5. I recommend to invest some money into technologies to increase the "carrying capacity" of the planet (high risk investments);
    A. decrease environmental impact per capital
    B. alternatives for our food system input to improve production
    C. alternatives to our current living arrangements,
    D. alternatives to our plastics industry,
    E. alternatives to disaster capitalism
    F. "Savior technologies", ie faster-than-light travel, "game changer" technologies, ie Cold fusion energy & "delaying technologies", ie deep drilling technologies.
    6. I also recommend you inform and prepare your family, friends, and others. It is best to initially suggest people have an emergency kit… for any emergency such as flood, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, loss of electricity due to a winter storm. Then, if the friend or relative puts together a disaster kit, what I do is introduce Peak Oil (by telling them of the 43 second movie trailer , the "National Geographic Collapse" movie on YouTube, & free book downloads;
    7. For the truly motivated, a community based organization to mitigate Climate Change and Peak Oil is:
    (For non USA;

    Google "2052 free book summary download", &

    The free book "Plan C" workbook download;

    See the Facebook page: "National Geographic Collapse movie"

  17. Look up UNITED STATES on Dun and Bradstreet..

    You'll find UNITED STATES 4 Corp.

    Want to take a guess what the number 4 means?

    If you said it's been restructured 4 times, you're a winner.

    If you realized that when a corporation restructures it means it went bankrupt, you're also a winner.

    If you realize that this means the UNITED STATES went bankrupt 3 previous times, you're a winner.

    In other words, it's already happened, several times. As usual TopTenz needs to actually do their research.

  18. Well, if it's to live in a world with more crime than there already is, which by the way is beyond mad, then let's have a Nukes Party, and end it all! No point living in a crime hell!

  19. you say anti globalist like it a bad thing. and also if the government files bankruptcy and cant afford it employees like police.
    then whose going to kick me out of my house when i cant afford it? I own guns so i'd like to see them try.

  20. The US is bankrupt and cannot file it, just like you can't wipe away your student debt or medical bills by filing for bankruptcy. No one would trust any country who just wipes it off the books and refuses to pay the creditors. There isn't enough real estate in the US to pay off the national debt. haha

  21. The United States could sustain itself if we stopped wasting resources. Much of what we import is comfort goods…imported beer, furniture, cars and the like. Would it be austere? Yes, it would. But hey, maybe we could do with a little less material things and a little more concentration on family. Oh, and we'd be fine if we slapped the hands of the elites reaching into our pockets and stopped lining theirs.

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