10 Strangest Movie Themed Cereals

Let’s investigate the missing link between Motion Picture and Breakfast Cereal.

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Written by Rene

Misanthrope, Olympian, Community Celebratoire , Angel Investor, Pantless Jogger. I have a car for each day of the month.


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  1. 15:14. As a cry baby millennial: I'm offended by you speaking your mind. You're a very judgmental person, your grammar is awful and you're a bald white man so that makes you a racist.

  2. GOD I remember the 1989 Batman cereal. Was just Captain Crunch shaped like bats. Destroyed the roof of your mouth and everything.
    Also. C3PO's came out around ROTJ

  3. I know it's not a movie based one, but this makes me think of……
    "Nintendo it's a cereal now, Nintendo it's a cereal wow"

    And I actually remember having the Ghostbusters frisbe

  4. Remember Mr.T cereal from PeeWee's Big Adventure? C3P O's get it? C3P O's. Like Cheerie O's… any way…I can't believe you missed The Silence of the Lambs cereal. That was some weird shit. Love you Minty.

  5. C3PO's because it sounds formilliar (like another cereal brand). The box resembles a alphabits box. That's why. Love the videos! Keep up the GREAT work!

  6. I remember i begged my mom in the grocery store for that Batman Returns cereal. Had one spoonful, hated it, never had it again. Mom was pissed.

  7. I remember the countless of fights about who get's the free toy inside the cereal boxes at the children's home but the staff took them all out and saved them as stocking fillers every Christmas .Centrevez Vectra

  8. For the record. I think your voice is one of the top three reasons I watch your channel. The choices you make for your programs and the feeling that every episode makes me feel more familiar to someone on the other side of the world are the other two. I don’t read the comments but you mention that people don’t like your voice. I want to make sure it’s noted that it’s not like that for everyone. You’re one of only a few posts I look forward to. Thanks for the great content!

  9. Why did they make C3PO's? Marketing. The name is catchy, the cereal is in a shape that can be misconstrued as C3PO's eyes. I remember it fondly, it was delicious. I can also say that I have eaten every single one of those cereals, except for the pirates of the carabean one.

  10. My inner angry wants to bitch that half of the entries are video game based and not movie based, but I'm gonna let it slide- because of all of the 80's nostalgia whoring, I seem to be a john on this channel. And Minty's workin' it.

  11. Human Centipede-O's is the best cereal bar none! Chock-full of chocolatey anal centipede taste in every bite! lol

  12. Hahahahahahahahah I LOVE the troll character! Because It’s SO TRUE! Nothing is ever good enough yet they won’t fricken LEAVE!!!! Hahahahaha! This list had me in stitches!!!

  13. You know it wouldn't hurt to own up to a few mistakes instead of mocking the people that correct you. No one actually hates you because of those errors.

  14. "I would eat a bowl of Princess Leia" – (paraphrased) Minty Comedic Arts, 2017/Jabba the Hutt, A Long Long Time Ago.

    Irrefutable proof that great minds think alike.

  15. Given that Full Moon Productions did a joke cereal based off their crossover movie Gingerdead Man VS Evil Bong, yeah.

  16. Full Moon did a cereal for their crossover movie Gingerdead Man VS Evil Bong. And i'm definitely having fun imagining what other horror movie cereals could be made.

  17. There was a cereal for The Addams Family movie. Each box was wrapped in plastic, with a character shaped mini flashlight on the front of tge box- not in the box….in front ofbghe box under the plastic wrap. Dont get me started on the likeness of them to Thing, Fester, etc.

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