10 Creepiest Things Found In The Woods

The top 10 creepiest and scariest things ever found in the woods. These forests are nothing but haunted.

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10 Creepiest Things Found In The Woods

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Written by Rene

Misanthrope, Olympian, Community Celebratoire , Angel Investor, Pantless Jogger. I have a car for each day of the month.


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  1. Excuse me. Unidentified organic creature? You can't expect anyone to believe a professional lab received a specimen like that and all they could say is it's organic. You seem to have left somethings out. What about DNA? It looks like a malformed fetus that was naturally aborted, but what? Dog? Cat? Person? The picture is worthless because no other object is in it for a frame of reference, like a ruler, pen, cigarette. Was it 3 inches long or 12 inches long? Seems like there should be more information available, especially given the time since the whole UFO missle controversy happened.

  2. Scattered bones in the woods or jungles are natural. When there are dead bodies outside nature will take care of them. whether it's birds or insects or dogs or raccoons the bodies will be eaten and as they become disarticulated will be drug away and scattered about. Since there are over 200 bones in the human body it is surprising to me that only 38 bones were found out of a possible 400, but I'm no naturalist nor do I know much about jungles (other than to not go in them for a hike) maybe that's what's expected.

  3. If you ain't got no time for this
    10. Cow toungues
    9. Clowns
    8. A haunted grave
    7. Giant Snake
    6. Alien Remains
    5. Breathing earth
    4. Human Remains
    3. Bone church
    2. Corpses in a cabin
    1. The lost girls of panama

  4. For the one with the people running around naked, you're said to feel really warm or hot before you die in extreme cases of hypothermia

  5. I’ve actually went to the bone church last week. It felt like something out of dark souls. It was honestly really impressive

  6. Your still uploading? That's crazy I use to watch you when I was a kid and show the teachers your videos and out smart them

  7. I enjoyed this video until the end literally 2 seconds after mentioning girls deaths you have "Subscribe" plastered on the screen.

  8. An italian youtuber just copied your video "10 objects invented just to defy the laws of phisic" his name is "infinito" something i love your video.

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